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In today's tech-obsessed world, your business can't afford not to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon.

That's why we set you up with your own online store that can be integrated directly in your website, making it easier than ever for clients to buy memberships, register for activities and events, make donations, and even buy your merchandise... all at the click of a button.

Get set-up for online payment

Setting up your business to accept online payment can be overwhelming — let Amilia do all the leg work for you. When you join Amilia, we'll connect you with our payment processor partners to guide you through setting up your merchant account so you can start taking transactions online. If you've already got one, we can connect it for you.

Get your organization out there

When you create your Amilia account, your organization is automatically listed for free on our growing online directory, helping you boost your online visibility, attract new clients and secure more sales.

Everything you'll need to manage your organization

Manage and keep track of all your operations in one place, from sales, memberships and events, to client management, promotions, payments and revenues. Our platform makes it easier than ever for you to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on what's important.

We do all the work

We're a Saas application, which means there is no need for maintenance or upgrades and no issues when it comes to bandwidth or managing peak demand. Your data is stored in our highly protected data center and backed up daily. More importantly, our infrastructure is monitored around the clock by our dedicated network operations team.

Accesible anywhere, anytime

Because we’re cloud-based, a browser and an internet connection is all that's required to access Amilia, so you can manage your organization anytime, anywhere. Your clients can also register or buy from the comfort of their homes from any device.

Learn more about Amilia by visiting our features page.

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Meet our customers

Meet our growing family of customers, inspiring and dedicated social organizations working every day to make a difference in our communities. We’re proud to collaborate with them, and help make their jobs a little bit easier.

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In my opinion, Amilia is an excellent quality / price ratio. This is both a database and a payment service. Everything is there! And since Amilia is accessible via the Internet, you can even work from home, it's very nice! In fact, the benefits of using Amilia were beyond our expectations.

Tennis Montreal

The fact that all receipts, account statements and memos can be emailed to customer eliminates a lot of wasted paper. In addition to saving time and money, it is a concrete gesture for the environment.

Leisure Duberger-The Willows

Since the implementation of Amilia, we received lots of positive feedback from customers. Parents were happy to finally enroll their children without having to leave the house. The online registration process is easy to follow, very few people have needed help. The satisfaction expressed by our participants is very high.

Association of Tennis Junior High Richelieu

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the support that you gave us during registration for the aquatic School Brossard, last Friday night. Our server crashed and you have been an incredible help us by responding to all customers .My team and I thank you most sincerely. It's almost as if you were a member of our family!

City of Brossard

At Animations Flip flop, we use Amilia primarily as a customer base reference. Finished are the long evenings of entries, and we appreciate being able to choose the publication time of the new programs. We are therefore able to consistently adapt programming to our customers' requests. It is an essential tool for our management!

Animations Flip Flop

Badminton is a young Lachine NPO, but already very popular. We were looking for a simple, effective and secure way to register our members. The Amilia team were very generous with their time and answered our questions, encouraged the use of their platform to full potential and maximize all possible benefits. Thanks to Amilia, more than 300 members have registered to our activities in a few minutes and we were able to obtain a complete database with a click of the mouse! What could be better? Ah of course, very affordable Amilia prices!

Badminton Lachine


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