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Amilia is an eCommerce platform for activities and recreation. We enable organizations to engage with their community by making it easy to find, register, and pay for activities online.

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Join over 1,200 organizations leveraging our eCommerce platform ​to bring their activities online

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  • Little Kitchen Academy Amilia eCommerce store example.

    Little Kitchen Academy
    Cooking academy for kids

  • Engineering For Kids Amilia eCommerce store example.

    Engineering For Kids
    Educational programs & camps

  • Soccer World Amilia eCommerce store example.

    Soccer World
    Sport programs & camps

  • Mayfair Clubs Online Amilia eCommerce store example.

    Mayfair Clubs Online
    Fitness classes

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Amilia is the extra set of hands you've always wished for to help tackle the day-to-day of running activities, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

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    Manage the work you love and leave the rest to us
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    Track progress and performance with real-time tools and insights
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    Connect more meaningfully with your clients
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    Reach a new audience and turn prospects into clients

Elevate your sales with an unbeatable registration experience, and none of the waiting lines

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Simplify workflows and automate routine tasks with tools that feel designed especially for your unique business rules

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Get critical insights into client activity and organizational performance

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Get instant access to important client information in a central user profile, so you can plan and run your activities with their needs always top of mind

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Create and track marketing campaigns that get big-time results

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  • Kyle Shewfelt gymnastics club
  • Flyers Cheerleading club montreal
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With the creation of attendance lists, payment tracking, account reporting, automatic discounts, and synchronized calendars, Amilia has become indispensable to our everyday work.
— Catia, Owner, Coyotes Center
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