Change log

What has changed in our API



  • August 20

    Fixed order of programs returned when fetching programs

  • August 19

    Now able to sort id/name/date for GET locations/{id}/activities

  • August 13

    New endpoint to get keywords by id (GET keywords/{id})

  • August 13

    New query parameter showHidden in GET org/{orgIdentifier}/events

  • August 1st

    New query parameter showOccurrences in GET org/{orgIdentifier}/programs/{id}/activities


  • July 31

    Now ordering activities by id in GET org/{orgIdentifier}/locations/{id} and GET locations

  • July 30

    Now getting groups in response for activities calls

  • July 26

    Split page into and in the documentation. We will not use anymore.

  • July 25

    New Use cases page in the documentation