Rental Contracts

Rent your facilities and create customized contracts that reflect your rental terms. Add locations, equipment and pricing details before you send off any documentation to those renting your facilities. Promotions and discounts can also be included, giving you full control over your revenue streams.

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Contract Template Creation

Amilia already has a built-in contract template that you can use and modify to suit the needs of your organization. Personalize it by adding your logo, your terms and conditions, contact information and other important details so that clients have all pertinent information about their rental agreements.

If your organization has existing contract templates, you're able to integrate them into your Amilia database too. By importing Microsoft Word documents into our system, administrators are able to create and edit templates quickly and efficiently. Amilia also uses simple tags to insert auto-text in your contracts, so you can build large batches of documentation without needing in-depth technical expertise.

Keep clients and administrators in the loop

With Amilia, it's easy to track contracts and keep both clients and administrators in the loop every step of the way. We're on top of all your contract and reservation details throughout the process, from the moment you create the first draft of your contract template to when you send out the final version. That way, you have access to all real-time updates at any time and from any location, simply by accessing your Amilia account from a computer or mobile device.