Meet Salpi, our VP of Customer Success

Posted on 4/16/18 3:10 PM by Ashley Wood

At Amilia, your success is our success and we've got a team dedicated to exactly that! Salpi manages our customer success team so that we can provide you all the help and resources you need to use Amilia to it's full potential so you can spend time growing your business without letting your day-to-day suffer. Here are 10 things you should know about her:

Explain your job at Amilia 

I am very excited to join the Amilia team to help take Amilia’s customer success strategy to the next level. Providing our customers with an exceptional experience is our top priority and with our customer-centric mindset we are sure to WOW each and every one of our amazing customers.  

What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?Salpi.png

Toss up between for sure and absolutely. Everything can be answered by these two words in my world.


What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

How to switch your dog’s diet to raw food? We are going organic.


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I have so many. Ranges between Downton Abbey, Vikings to Suits. Netflix is life.


What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia?

The people, the simplicity of the product and the level of passion we have for ensuring customers achieve their Desired Outcomes.


Pick one: Kittens or puppies

I love all of God’s furry creatures.


You enter an eating contest. What food?

Pizza for sure!  


What's your favourite Amilia feature?

In-app chat feature. My team of Customer Success Managers uses this daily and it really enables us to stay connected and answer questions quickly.  It also allows us to gather feedback and take immediate action.


What's the background of your phone right now?

My Rottweiler (Cali) when she was 2 months old and looked like a little bear. 


What’s your favorite App?

Maps on my iPhone. Cannot go anywhere without it.