10 Ways to Make Your Registration Process Painless

Posted on 3/9/15 3:20 PM by Ashley Wood

Registration for summer activities will begin shortly. Many of you will be at your computer, smartphone or tablet checking out availabilities and openings so we’ve come up with 10 tips to make your registration process simple and painless!




1- Do you have an Amilia Account? Can you access it?

Before the registration period begins, check the validity of your password and username. Forgot your password? Reset it using the link on the login page.

Don’t have an Amilia account? Create one! It only takes a few minutes.


2- Make sure all participant information is up-to-date

Login to your Amilia account and click the “My Account” tab to ensure all the information in the account is accurate (postal code, e-mail, date of birth, allergies). This information is essential if you want to receive your receipts for tax credits. Remember to provide your Social Insurance Number if you want to receive an RL-24 from the organization at the end of the year!


3. Make sure you are eligible for the activity you want to register for

Take a few minutes to make sure you have selected an activity that you can actually participate in. Some criteria may be required to register: age, gender, skill level, prerequisite course (s), etc. Read the descriptions provided by your organization, they’ll usually provide this information!


4. Learn about family discounts and promotions

Some organizations offer great discounts for residents and families registering more than one member. Ask your organization what promotions you are eligible for.


5. Make sure you have a reliable and secure internet connection

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your place in an activity because of connection problems. Make sure you are somewhere with a stable internet connection when you register.


6. Have all the necessary documents on hand

It is possible that your organization requires a membership or citizen card to take part in an activity. Make sure the documents are valid and that you have them on hand when you register.


7- Consider what payment methods you'll be using

Learn about the acceptable methods of payment and ensure that your credit card is still valid so you don’t get any surprises at check-out.


8- Ask about pre-registrations

Some organizations offer pre-registration periods reserved for their members and those who have already participated in an activity. Be sure to check if pre-registration is available so you’re sure to get a spot.


9- Put your name on a waiting list

If you’ve missed out on registration and all the spots are filled, there may be a waiting list you can put your name on so ask your organization if they have a wait list.


10- Ask your questions early

It’s likely you’ll have a few questions prior to registering. If possible, ask them a few days before the registration period begins. Once registration opens, it’s likely that staff members will be swamped and may not be available to answer your questions.