3 Reasons Why Your Gym Should Have a Referral Program

Posted on 12/18/14 11:06 AM by Ashley Wood

A member referral program is a great strategy to attract new clients to your gym. It's also an effective way to make your current clients feel like they're part of your success. Here are three reasons a referral program is an effective tool for your gym:


It’s targeted

Since your clients know their friends, family and social network connections, the people they refer will generally be a good fit for your club. This in turn makes referral one of the most effective and targeted marketing channel.


Trust goes a long way

Trust goes a long way when it comes to getting someone to join your school or gym. It goes even further when people are thinking of registering their kids. While you may be as upfront and transparent as you can be, lack of trust may cause people to be wary about you advertising messages. For instance, having an ad that says “we care about your kids” won’t mean as much as having a parent tell their friends that your organization cares about its students. With a referral program, the sales pitch comes from someone parents either trust like a journalist or blogger or someone you know personally.


Reach is bigger than ever

Because of the internet and social media, reach is huge when it comes to referrals and reviews. While it used to be limited to the people you ran in to or the friends and family members you spoke to on the phone, a comment or review you make online can be seen by hundreds and even thousands of parents. This increased reach makes a referral program all the more effective and the internet makes it simple for your clients to refer their friends and followers.

A referral program for your school or gym can be a powerful tool and effective marketing strategy. Implementing one doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive as long as the terms are clear and you’ve considered its cost/revenue ratio before offering the reward or payoff. If done properly, referral marketing can be an effective and relatively low cost way to gain new clients and sell more classes.

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