4 Reasons Your Club Should Be Selling Branded Merchandise

Posted on 4/23/14 2:51 PM by Ashley Wood

Whether you're a dance, cheer, or figure Skating club, as a community-driven organization, repeat business is a large portion of your customer base. The same families come back over and over because they love what you have to offer. But how do you create buzz about all the great things you offer and bring in new members?

Enter the benefits of selling branded merchandise:


They Spark Curiosity

Most of us have seen the car magnets with the 3-letter airport codes, they are pretty  much everywhere now. I know that I often stare at one and try to figure out what location is. When I can't, you can be certain that I am going to Google those magical 3 letters and find out. These magnets on the back of your customer's and client's cars will spark curiosity and offer the chance to drive potential new clients right to your website.

They Start Conversations

Your students and their parents become a valuable marketing tool. Branded T-shirts start conversations. Parents see their child's friends wearing a shirt for the dance studio, cheer or figure skating club they belong to and, more often than not, they will ask them or their parents about it. If the shirts are well designed, complete strangers will likely take note of the dance, cheer, or skating club and search for it later.

They Last

The longevity of branded merchandise makes it advertising that lasts. Most people keep branded merchandise for over a year. The T-shirts, magnets, stickers, or other branded merchandise they purchased will be advertising your camp or organization and starting conversations about it for months and months.

They're Worn/Used by Supporters

It is all about the positives. Generally clients and customers who had a great experience are the ones that will proudly wear your branded gear. This means every time they are asked about that shirt or bumper sticker, they will be gushing about how amazing your organization is. We have all heard that any publicity is good publicity, but rave reviews straight from the mouths of people who we know is INCREDIBLE publicity.


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