4 Summer Projects to become a more Tech Savvy Family

Posted on 7/27/15 11:31 AM by Kim Fortin

From smart phones and tablets, to websites and social media, digital technology bombards our lives. Why not use the summer as an opportunity for the entire family to learn more about these technologies. Here is a list of 4 technology-related projects to work on as a family during your summer vacation.


1.     Publish a family blog 

Share your recent vacation, your child’s summer camp experience, and the sometimes-not-so-pleasant discoveries of being a parent on a family blog. Using a free tool such as WordPress, you can teach everyone in the family the ins and outs of the blogosphere. Include your children in every step of the process from choosing a blog name and creating the URL, to editing the articles, taking photos, and publishing posts. If you share personal information on the blog, we recommend that you restrict viewing to close family and friends. (Here are a few more tips about Internet safety for kids.) 

2.     Learn the basics of computer programming—it’s fun!  

Discover the joys of coding as a family using a fun, free, tool such as Scratch. Using Scratch you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Coding develops your logic skills as well as your creativity. Many sites offer workshops for initiating young (and old) people to programming basics.

3.     Build a robot

Who has never dreamed of building a robot? Take advantage of summer vacation to build a robot as a family. Find an aluminum can and check out ebay or Amazon for robot kits to get started.

4.     Perform an autopsy on an old digital device

Find out how a computer works from the inside out. Dust off one of the behemoth PCs that are sitting in your basement, get a screwdriver, and dissect it as a family. Try identifying the principle components such as the motherboard, graphics cards, memory card, hard disk, and processor. Then, look up the purpose of each component and, if you really want a challenge, put it back together again!

Is your child already a tech expert? Suggest that he or she shares their knowledge with an adult who wants to become more technology savvy. Certain municipalities and community centres offer paired learning programs in technology for youth, adults, and seniors to learn together!


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