Using Pinterest to Establish Your Gym's Online Presence

Posted on 6/12/14 3:46 PM by Ashley Wood

You know that having an online presence is essential for your Gymnastics or Cheer club.  Social media sites are great for spreading awareness and solidifying your branding.  If you're looking to establish a social media presence, but don't know where to start, you might want to consider Pinterest—a social site with image-based content that allows you to "pin" content to boards that people can view and share.  Let's look at some tips to help you get your brand on Pinterest.


1.  Use The Business Account

When you first create your account on Pinterest, you should choose the business account option.  This sends the message that your business is professional and legitimate.  Business accounts increase customer security and trust regarding your organization.  This will also make certain functions easier, such as selling your products directly on Pinterest.

2.  Have A Pin-Friendly Website

Since Pinterest revolves around image content, your site will need lots of pictures to use as pins. This is a great place to show off your gym's merchandise and uniforms.  Having a pinnable site also means making it easy for others to pin your content.  Add a "Pin It" app or widget to your website so that visitors can share your content at the simple click of a button.

3.  Pin Often

Don't leave your followers hanging—pin consistently to keep them engaged and give them a reason to follow you.  By pinning often, you show your followers that you are determined to please them.  But don't let your pins lose value by pinning something just to say you have pinned.  Keep providing valuable content that informs and entertains people.  A good tip is to post things that have helped you, as these will likely help others as well.

4.  Organize Your Pins

Use boards to organize your pins.  Keep your boards focused on one main idea or function.  This keeps your information targeted and specific so you won't lose your audience.  No one searches for content that is unfocused or all over the place.  Avoid trying to please everyone and keep your boards appropriately themed.

5.  Engage Your Audience With Contests

Hold competitions and contests to get your followers active on your boards.  People love to participate, so give them the chance and offer prizes and incentives for the winners.  Use apps like Votigo to help make your contest run smoothly.  You will get a boost of likes, shares, and followers from hosting competitions, too, so both your audience and your business benefit.  Don't forget to follow the terms and conditions set out by Pinterest when you run your contest.

Your online presence is important, so make sure your pins accurately reflect the values and standards of your brand.  Utilize Pinterest to grow your audience, establish new contacts, and increase sales.  You can even use this as a segue to gain experience so you can become more involved in other social media sites.  Be patient with your marketing and don't stop trying until you achieve success.  


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