5 Ways to Ensure a Great Customer Experience

Posted on 1/21/15 10:56 AM by Ashley Wood

The first time a participant and/or their family members walk through the doors of your organization's gym, complex or office is a crucial starting point to any business' relationship with a customer. No matter how complex or modern your other business strategies are, customer success encompasses a set of practices that will send any organization back to the basics if you want to do it right. A big part of that equation is starting things off on the right foot.

Discover 5 best practice tips for ensuring a great first-time customer experience:

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In the world of instant gratification that we live in, those first few seconds when you find yourself breathing the same air as a potential customer are more critical that ever before. Think of social media, even online dating apps like Tinder, and you'll find that the willingness to make snap decisions based on a minimal amount of sensory contact is the norm. If you extend that mentality to your recreational offerings, you'll know that the first day participants and their parents or friends are interacting with your business set the tone in a big way.

In fact, those initial moments of in-person communication are fairly strong predictors of how well your business is performing overall. Remember: Customer success isn't just about someone signing on the dotted line, it's also about retaining their loyalty over time. Part of the way you achieve this is hooking them right from the beginning.

Here are some simple strategies you can implement to make sure your first-time customers or curious prospects will stay engaged with your services:


Let Them Know What to Expect

Signing up your child for a new sport or activity can be stressful for parents. There is probably an infinite number of questions going through their minds: will their child make friends? Are all the safety precautions being taken? Is their child at the same level as the other kids? Ease their minds by letting them know what their first day of class will look like. Let them know where to go when they come in and whom they should speak with to get set up. Suggest that they show up 15 minutes early on their first day so you can show them around and introduce them.


Meet Them at the Door and Show Them Around

Coming into your club on the first day can be stressful for a child. Being their first time, they don’t know anyone, they don’t know where anything is and they’re most likely a little shy in a new environment. If possible, meet them at the door and greet them with “You must be __, are you ready for your class”? Give both the parents and your new student a tour of the facilities: where they need to go to change, use the bathroom as well as where their class will be held.


Make the First Coach/Instructor Introduction

Bring your first-timer along with their parent over to their coach or instructor and introduce them. This will not only give the parents a chance to ask questions but it’ll make it less intimidating when he or she walks into class.


Pinpoint An Identifier or Create a Buddy System

Pair your first-timer with a student or staff member that knows their way around your club and the class. The buddy system ensures your first-timer leaves knowing at least one person. If the buddy system isn’t doable, create a badge or another identifier for your first-timer to wear so everyone knows it their first time and can introduce themselves, give directions and most importantly, make your first-timer feel comfortable.


Follow Up With Everyone

Follow-up with the student as well as the parents, whether it’s in person after class, on the phone or in an e-mail ask how the first day went. Find out what their favorite part was and what areas you could improve on. This is a great way to make them feel valued while getting useful feedback about your club.


A great first impression can make all the difference when it comes to your clients. What's important is that you implement these procedures and train your staff to do it for every new client. It not only creates a great experience for your first-timer but also a great company culture and atmosphere.


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