7 Marketing Insights That Will Grow Your Business

Posted on 7/9/18 12:00 PM by Matt Fish

In today’s digital-first world, becoming a successful entrepreneur or business owner is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s not just starting a company that’s hard; you have to maintain any early momentum and hopefully grow your business in order to enjoy bigger financial rewards down the line. That's why a precise marketing strategy has never been more crucial to achieving that goal. 

Discover 7 marketing insights that will grow your business today:

 Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, the basics of digital marketing needed to reach their desired audience continue to elude many organizations around the world, especially those who are transitioning towards online services. Add to that the shrinking attention spans of consumers and you've got a huge challenge on your hands if you're a small business looking to make a name for yourself.

Luckily, mastering the pillars of digital marketing isn’t as hard as you might think. Many of the tools you need to succeed are free to use (at least in a free trial capacity) and the only real commitment is the investment of time you need to make as a business professional. With practice and even some trial-and-error, there's no reason why your organization can't use these tools to build a successful online brand presence.

Here are marketing tips that you should be using at your organization:


Use Social Media Effectively

Here’s the reality: Failing to turn those likes, retweets and so on into reliable lead generators is one of the biggest mistakes that can hurt a business these days. With those aforementioned short attention spans, there’s also less room for error now than ever before.

You only need to do a quick perusal of companies who are already successful online to see that the great Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat management strategies often boil down to two factors: authenticity and consistency. That approach, of being able to construct a unique voice for your business and publish content that embodies that personality on a regular basis, is what can transform companies from mere participants into internet superstars.

Not sure when you should be posting on certain social networks? CoSchedule’s detailed breakdown is a great place to start. Checking out what your competitors are doing and analyzing what works (and what doesn't) can also be some valuable insight into what consumers in your industry are interested in.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks specific to the fastest-growing platform out there, Instagram, make sure you check out our webinar with Full Out’s Maria Fearnall!

Video Creation iPhone 

Create Video Content

Videos are literally all over the internet these days, especially when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. It’s not just a passing trend either – leaning heavily on short-form video content is a strategy that won’t fade into the background anytime soon.

Recent HubSpot research indicates that:

  • 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%) or social image (41%) based content.
  • Video content was the most memorable (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).

Those statistics, coupled with the fact that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world (behind its parent company Google), should be more than enough incentive to up your video content game with regards to your overall marketing goals.

If you’re unsure what your video content should be about, going back to your buyer personas; existing customer data will point you in the right direction in terms of lifestyle, hobbies or interests you can focus on. Video tutorials and short client testimonials are also great pillar video content to break into the online video game with. After that, the possibilities for your brand to find its own unique voice are endless.

If you’re nervous about being seen or heard on camera, that doesn't mean creating branded videos should fall by the wayside. Hire external actors or producers if you need to but know that the potential reach of your videos is too great an opportunity to ignore.


Blog Consistently and With a Purpose

The rise in popularity of visual content doesn’t necessarily mean that blogging has become an irrelevant marketing tool. In fact, when utilized properly, high-traffic blog posts can be one of the most effective ways to generate new leads.

Consistency is everything when it comes to blogging. If you’re only doing it a few times a month at best, you’ll never be able to build and sustain a regular readership. However, if you make it a regular part of your team’s day-to-day, that investment will pay off in a big way.

That said, consistent blogging far from guarantees long-term marketing success. Part of the secret of great written content online is its purpose – in other words, why does it exist? Why did you or your team feel compelled to hit “Publish” on that particular piece of content?

If the answer has to do with chasing trends or aimlessly writing blog posts to (artificially) build up your catalog, then you may want to rethink that strategy. Really dig deep into your buyer personas and find out what your customers and fans really want to read or learn about. Even a handful of articles that web users keep reading or coming back to will help keep your business in the public eye.

Businesswoman blogging 

Iron Out Your SEO Strategy

Once you’ve got your content approach sorted out, it’s time to make sure search engines can find those assets with ease. Doing an SEO audit of your site and optimizing things like webpage titles, meta-descriptions, and keyword use can go a long way to ensuring greater visibility for your brand.

How do you learn the ropes when it comes to basic SEO knowledge? The answer begins with a Google search.

There are so many great resources out there it would be hard to list them all here. However, industry staples like Moz and Neil Patel’s blog can be incredible free tools that will improve your knowledge base. Those options aside, another great way to learn more about SEO strategy is, like with social media, to study your competitors.

Find out what other businesses in your space are doing, how high their landing pages, blog posts and other content ranks on search engines like Google. Try and figure out what they’re doing well, in terms of keyword usage and other formatting choices, or even what they’re doing wrong. Paying attention to SEO shifts around you will also help you stay ahead of the curve and avoid dropping down in terms of page ranking.


Connect with Industry Influencers

It’s the equivalent of having a celebrity endorsement of sorts and, for some companies, can mean the difference between being seen as a has-been and a must-have marketplace entity. With so many online influencers making an impact on consumers these days, it’s become a vital piece of many business branding plans.

How can your company use an industry influencer effectively in a marketing campaign? The trick is to find the right person that appeals to your audience, even if they might not be the most “famous” name out there.

Spreading your message to the right consumer base, a group you’ve established in previous stages using buyer personas, is the main way to leverage influencer marketing correctly. It’s a tactic that can bring about a sizable return on your initial investment, especially if the content can be re-used over time.

Woman using Facebook 

Re-Target Your Audience Using Facebook Ads

Despite their continued fall from grace after the most recent data scandal, the fact remains that Facebook is still one of the most effective advertising platforms in the world. Why? One of the main reasons is because you can get very specific about your target audience.

Whether you want to hone in on someone’s interests, age, relationship status, geographic location and so on, Facebook provides you with marketing tools that no other social media platform can equal. That way, you can be sure your business’ branding, promotions and messaging reach the right people online.

Also, to ensure that your team can track conversions accurately, installing Facebook Pixel on your website is a must. Even if you’re not currently running any Facebook ads, it will help grow your audience regardless.


Create a Referral Program

Referral programs are a fantastic way for your organization to use its biggest asset – positive client word-of-mouth – to generate more potential leads and, eventually, increase your revenue through simple, human connections.

No matter the product or service, most people are more likely to buy something if it comes personally recommended by a friend or family member. By implementing a basic referral system where current clients get rewarded for bringing your company more business, you create a scenario where everybody wins.

Your customer base will feel empowered by the referral program, prospective purchasers will already feel right at home after getting a personalized recommendation and your team will benefit from that lasting human connection. It’s a low-cost, low-risk venture that pays off over time, especially for smaller businesses.

Man talking through can 

Refine Your Email Marketing Approach

If you’ve got a subscriber list, then you’ve surely already sent marketing emails to your clients. If you don’t have one yet, then you should start building one: 80 percent of retailers said that email marketing was their greatest customer retention driver and, in some cases, a great source of income.

Not getting any bites on those promo-filled emails? Make sure you’re being as authentic as you were on other marketing platforms. If your copy sounds like it was written by a bot, chances are consumers will tune out your messaging before getting past the email’s preview text.

Additionally, email can still be a trial-and-error process for a lot of marketers. Be sure to A/B test your material thoroughly and use statistical tracking to monitor your changes, so you can see what works and what doesn’t for your desired audience.


Use Pain Points to Attract Leads

In the marketing world, there are creations known as “lead magnets” – usually a more substantial piece of content that addresses the biggest customer pain points in a more direct, sometimes aggressive fashion. To construct one that will appeal to your core audience, you must first solidify your buyer personas.

What problems are consumers facing in your niche? What steps does your product or service take to solve those problems? By using an eBook, video, one-pager, whitepaper or another content form entirely, you can position your organization as an educational and marketing force in your industry.

Your job isn’t done until you get web users to drop into your marketing funnel, however. Gate the lead magnet behind a landing page that features attention-grabbing copy. That way, you’ll hook your audience and get them to join you on a journey to a land free of those pain points.

Business charts on laptop screen 

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your company’s marketing approach or tweak small details in order to get the most out of your resources, these seven tips are essential pieces. Making that human connection through content and referral programs, making sure those assets are found by the public using SEO and using pain points to attract leads using a magnet are all cornerstone of any healthy marketing strategy.

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