7 Online Security Tips for Online Shopping

Posted on 5/4/15 4:27 PM by Ashley Wood

Online shopping has gained popularity due to its ease and convenience. While the advantages of purchasing online are vast, online shoppers are vulnerable to online fraud.

Here are 7 tips to help you make your online transactions safe:


Use reliable and up-to-date software 

Keep your antivirus software up-to-date, otherwise stealthy software can secretly record every keystroke and send the information to the cyber criminals who designed it. This includes information from your credit card or other payment information you entered on even the most secure online sites. 



Transact on secure web pages

You’ll find this information in the web site address. Check that the URL begins with "https." These pages are easily recognizable by the “S” in the “HTTPS” that appears at the beginning of the address or by a padlock present in the address bar.



Don’t save your data.

Some sites may offer to save your payment information upon payment for your convenience during your next purchases. Uncheck this option to systematically avoid leaving your card number in the merchant’s database.


Protect your browsing information

Use private browsing mode when surfing to prevent the storage of your history and your preferences, it will prevent this information from being accessible to others. Private browsing also blocks cookies, preventing fraudsters from tracking your behavior. 


Never give your PIN

When paying online, the only numbers you should be entering are the 16 digits on your card, the expiration date and your 3 digit security code. Your personal identification number (PIN) is confidential, under no circumstance should you disclose it.


Follow up post purchase

Monitor your account statements and make sure that each article corresponds to actual purchases made. If you find charge that does not match any of your payments, contact your bank for an explanation. The sooner the better in case you want to cancel a payment or recurring payment


Don’t be fooled by unrealistic promotions

Avoid offers or promotions that sound too good to be true. Chances are they are! Often, these types of promotions lead to fraud.



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