8 Ways Amilia Helps Your Cheer Gym Succeed

Posted on 6/21/18 12:00 PM by Matt Fish

With hundreds of satisfied administrators and over 11,000 activities currently active on the Amilia platform, our software is becoming a popular option with cheer gyms all over North America. With year-over-year growth numbers that continue to impress, it’s the perfect time for your business to join our recreation revolution.

Discover 8 ways that Amilia can help your cheer gym succeed:

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Our software's individual features work together to help you seamlessly build a centralized hub where you can manage all your activities in one place. No more trying using many different platforms that don't connect well or spending hours upon hours of your time bogged down with menial, data-related administrative tasks. Whether you’re looking to optimize your online registration process or streamline your scheduling and class lists, Amilia de-stresses key aspects of your cheer gym’s day-to-day.

Here are the areas we make the biggest difference in for cheerleading organizations:


Fully Flexible Scheduling

With different competitive and recreational options, keeping your cheer gym’s bustling schedule on the rails can be a tricky proposition. Thankfully, Amilia’s online software allows you to build session calendars that is clear, informative and helps staff members, participants and their families take control of their busy schedules.

Whether you're offering beginner classes or getting your next championship team ready for their next big competition, Amilia's scheduling module puts the details you need to know in one place. Even if you're handling drop-ins, you can keep coaches and other administrative personnel will always be on the same page and ensure that the right person will be present at the right venue at the right time.


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Online Registration

We’ve said it before on this blog, but it bears repeating: If your organization hasn’t moved your registration process online, this should be the year you take the plunge. As a cheer gym manager or owner, you’ll be bringing SO much more added convenience to your staff members and clients alike. You’ll also have a much easier time organizing user data once registration has closed.

Many cheer vendors often express concerns about the potential for an all-digital system to experience hiccups or glitches during peak registration time, but Amilia soars above those industry standards here as well. Our 99.99 percent uptime rate ensures that all your clients' registration information will accurately update in real-time.

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Customizable Forms

Not all cheerleading squads are created equal. Athlete information that's needed by staff during registration will change depending on their skill level, age, gender or a variety of other factors. As a tool to ensure you get all the data you need during sign-up sessions, Amilia’s customizable forms have become a game-changer for many recreation organizations.

With our software, your gym can make certain fields mandatory or not for different activities and even collect photo ID if needed. All your athlete details are then stored in our centralized data hub, where both staff members and families can access key information at any time and make changes where needed. We’re here to help you get the most out of your registration period.


Attendance Lists

Attendance lists work in tandem with customizable forms to help eliminate the stress brought on by manual data entry. We take the information you gather at registration and automatically generate attendance lists for your different classes based on name, age, skill level and a variety of other fields.

Say goodbye to confusion when an athlete is accidentally put on a squad or in a lesson that doesn’t mesh with their unique abilities. Amilia’s online software solution takes the guesswork out of building an environment that your athletes and their families will love.


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Cheer Marketing Integration

It’s no secret that online marketing, especially through major social media platforms, has been a huge part of cheerleading’s increased popularity over the past few years. Amilia’s cheer marketing integration allows you to streamline the process of reaching your company’s audience online and increasing the buzz around your brand.

It’s important to weave your cheer gym’s marketing into the daily fabric of your clients’ lives and, with our robust set of social media-focused tools, you’ll never miss an opportunity to make connections with families. We also have built-in resources, via both direct download or our blog, that will help improve your marketing strategy long-term.


Online Payments

Accepting online payments isn’t just an added convenience for your clients – it’s a must-have feature in our digital-first culture. Thanks to our full integration with our payment processing partner, Amilia provides an intuitive, familiar checkout process that will make purchasing products and services from your cheer gym a stress-free process.

Your administrative team can set up flexible payment installments for specific customers or classes, and even track payment information for each transaction. Additionally, you can also offer special online discounts or promotions using the Amilia Online Store and even process refunds, two advantages that you won’t find in other competitor software options.

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Customer Support That Really Cares

Waiting on hold forever, trying to reach a customer care agent, struggling to find a solution to a problem you needed fixed hours ago – no one likes being made to wait in a time of crisis. At Amilia, we take pride in doing the exact opposite and going the extra mile for our clients.

Our Customer Success team make themselves available for any questions you might have, whether it’s via online chat, email or over the phone. They also ensure that your onboarding process with our software goes smoothly, so you can get take your business to the next level in no time.


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Striving for Your Success

Helping your organization grow while also growing with your evolving business needs is the mantra at the heart of Amilia as a company. Your success is always our priority and every one of our departments has a hand in shaping a product that will help your organization become a force in your community and maintain that status for the long haul.

Our software solution greatly reduces your administrative task workload, automating important parts of your day-to-day with accuracy and speed. As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters: your love of cheerleading and your passion for delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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From flexible scheduling and forms to our robust marketing integration and online payment tools, Amilia can help your cheer gym boost revenues and brand engagement. Our commitment to excellent customer care and the desire to see every aspect of your business succeed means we’re ready to take your operation to the next level.


After all the time, energy and money cheer club owners invest in their businesses, they want to see that hard work pay off with consistent long-term growth. That’s where Amilia comes in – our user statistics prove that our commitment to our clients’ needs helps to significantly increase their revenue and participation numbers. 

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