3 Ways Amilia Celebrates Happiness

Posted on 3/20/17 10:32 AM by Elizabeth Simoneau

Today, we celebrate the international day of happiness. Do you know what makes us happy at Amilia? At the top of the list is our work culture, which allows us to be bold and work well as a team!.

Amilia is growing rapidly and it is our goal to maintain the entrepreneurial culture that is unique to start-ups. The atmosphere of respect and solidarity encourages us all to take action, make mistakes and learn from them. We also get the chance to work with the one and only Penny Lane.

Discover three ways that we celebrate happiness at Amilia:


Healthy Snacks

Every Monday, beautiful baskets filled with fresh fruit are delivered to the office. This bonus is much appreciated and helps us consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per week. In addition, the fruit gives us a healthy dose of energy to keep us alert while working on our various projects. No more sweets with coffee (well, almost).

Physical Activity Credit

Here at Amilia, every employee is entitled to an annual credit to invest in physical activities. It is proven that a healthy lifestyle begins with daily physical activity, and yet, only 19% of North American adults do the minimum that is recommended per week. In addition, studies have shown that sitting all day at a 9-to-5 can be harmful to our body in the long run - several health problems are related to this (tension in the neck, migraines, tendinitis, to name just a few).

Moving keeps us healthy! That's why over a dozen of our staff members enroll in Bootcamp at UNI gym. Doing squats, running up and down the stairs, and lifting kettle bells helps us stay strong. It's also a great opportunity to get to know each other in a different environment.

Lunch and Learn 

For a company to innovate, it takes employees who have a thirst for knowledge. Of course, participating in trainings or conferences is important, but often we can learn a lot from the person sitting right next to us. And that's why Lunch and Learn exist! A subject is chosen, the employees are invited, the meal is ordered and for 1 hour, one of our employees presents the subject of his or her choice. There are many great benefits to a Lunch and Learn: It positions the company in a learning environment and encourages all employees to develop technical and social skills.

All these benefits make us productive and happy and help develop the Amilia community. Make sure you take this opportunity to have a happy day at work and spread that positive energy to your friends and co-workers!



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