Case Study: The Circus Place

Posted on 8/27/14 1:52 PM by Ashley Wood

Business Profile

The Circus Place

Craig Quat, Executive Director, Operations Manager 

The Challenge

When Craig started the circus place, he knew online registration was a must. He soon discovered that software solutions weren’t tailored to the unique needs of circus schools. He needed something that went beyond registering online but also allowed for automated billing, family accounts, discounting and website integration in addition to other features that would make life easier for not only his clients but for him and his staff.




After trying three popular software solutions, Craig grew increasingly frustrated with the amount of administrative work he was left with. Although these solutions claimed to have all the features to simplify his business, they were in fact using third party programs that didn’t integrate well and weren’t actually functional. “These solutions claim to have a long list a features but in reality, these “features” are just band aids for your needs and end up creating a bigger mess.” Before switching to Amilia, Craig and his team weren’t even using the software for online registration anymore and they were back to square one using Google drive, excel sheets and a lot of time and energy.


The Solution

Although he was skeptical that there was a solution out there that would meet his needs and delivered what it promised, Craig began implementing Amilia with the help of its onboarding expert Josee. She walked him through everything from structuring his programs to putting merchandise in his online pro shop.  



Craig instantly saw that Amilia was different from software he had tried before. Not only is it user friendly for him and his staff but it also saves him a ton of time on administrative work. He sees the value in customizable forms, automatic application of promotions, reports, package discounts and the easy-to-use communication functionalities! More importantly, his clients love it!

“I do about 20% of the administrative work I was doing before. This allows us to plan, assess and grow the circus place.”

The client interface allows parents to have multiple people under their account. This means they can register one child in an aerial class and another child in acrobatics and pay one total balance. It also makes it easy for Craig to set up multi-person and multi-registration discounts.


“Amilia is as they advertise a "Client Registration Software Solution".  The simple logic of building the registration with the client as the central branch to all functions and features provides flexible customization and specialization of all features relating to activities and registrations”.

Using the communication functionality, Craig can send out e-mails by session, group or class to remind students of required equipment or a cancelled class or even to welcome students before their session starts. Clients value the occasion to be kept in the loop and receive these types of reminders.


The Results

Craig is thrilled to be spending 80% less time on managing registrations and keeping up with administrative tasks. This has not only improved his life in and outside of the club, but has also given him the time to explore new opportunities and realize some of his long term goals. He no longer wastes his time trying to work a system that doesn’t have the functionalities that his school needs.

"It seems so obvious to me now, but for many years I was stuck chasing my own tail simply because I had never known any other options to such absurdity”.