Cheer Sport Sharks: Our Cheer Ambassadors!

Posted on 8/9/17 10:30 AM by Ashley Wood

Amilia is delighted to announce that the Cheer Sport Sharks, have come onboard as our only Canadian Cheer Ambassadors.

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The Sharks are home to some of the most decorated teams in Canada  and are considered leaders in the cheerleading world. They are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for all their athletes to grow and learn, both as athletes and as young adults. With over 1000 cheerleaders in 4 locations across Ontario, they are the largest program in the country with an International reputation as the premier gym of its kind.

In addition to being leaders in Cheer, the Sharks are on the cutting edge of technology and business management. They’ve worked with Amilia to provide their clients a seamless and intuitive registration process while making it easy for their staff to stay on top of client data, financials and program development.


Find out how Amilia helped the Sharks improve their client experience and simplify their day-to-day


 “It’s been clear since day one that Kellie and the Sharks are consistently striving to provide the best service possible for their athletes and families. Amilia is honored that they’ve chosen us as a partner to help them achieve that goal. Their passion for the sport combined with their sharp business sense makes them unstoppable.” – Francois Gaouette, CEO

“When we found out about Amilia almost a year ago,  we were intrigued right away. After a bit of research, we knew this program would change and improve so many aspects of our business. Amilia has always had our best interest in mind and they are always eager to learn more about the business of cheerleading. Becoming a partner with Amillia allows us to continue raising the standard of excellence at Cheer Sport Sharks as well as within our industry.” — Kellie Stamp, Account Manager



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