New Feature: Managing your email subscriptions

Posted on 5/7/13 3:09 PM by Andrea

This week we are introducing a new feature to Amilia: Managing your email subscriptions.

The option to edit email subscriptions is available to all users from the My Settings preference.

All Amilia users have the option to subscribe from the following lists:

  • All Amilia emails
  • Emails generated by the platform (registration confirmations, invoices, tax receipts, communications from organizations)
  • Advertising emails from Amilia
  • Unsubscribe from all emails

WARNING: Keep in mind that unsubscribing from all emails will prevent receipt of important notifications, such as password resets and registration confirmations.

At the bare minimum, it is important to be subscribed to emails generated by the platform, to ensure you are kept up to date and are able to receive important notifications from your organization.