Use Google My Business to Increase SEO Engagement

Posted on 8/25/15 3:40 PM by Alexandre Gauthier


Google My Business


Google My Business is the Google platform that enables small businesses to create a profile to help people find them online.

If you can only do one thing to help the growth of your business today, it should be this! profile_Google_my_business

In less than 20 minutes, Google My Business will ensure you get:

  • Your business on Google Maps

  • Your physical address on Google

  • Your Phone number

  • Your opening hours

  • Your company logo

  • Reviews from your customers




Step 1: Open a Google My Business account.

You can do it here:



Step 2: Find your business find_your_business

Using the search box, find your business: 

If it is already on Google Maps, you can claim it as the business owner.

If it is not already listed, select "I have entered the name and business address correctly"






Step 3: Enter your information Add_you_business

Fill in the form on screen containing all the information to locate your business:

Country / Region

Street Address



Postal code

Primary Phone Number

Category (the type of services you offer)

Note: An option box is available if the courses you offer are the homes of your customers. You can determine the radius in which your classes are offered.


Step 4: Validation verify

Once the application is completed, a validation code will be sent. This validation is required to ensure that the information provided is correct.

Depending on the type of business you manage, there are different types of validation. (phone, instant, etc).

You can finalize your account upon receipt of this code, which can take several days.


Step 5: Your Google Plus Profile

Originally, Google Plus was competing with Facebook as a social network. It has not experienced the success of its competitor. Google has however, recycled the platform and used it to create a profile of your business in a search.

Your profile Google Plus contains all the information about your company:

  • Company name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • Opening hours

  • Logo

  • Description of business

Once your profile validated, you’ll have increased visibility on the Web! Your customers will find it easier to find you, to contact you and obtain your services.



Intention is one of the keys to marketing. A search for "Gymnastics school Boston" indicates a clear intention on the part of the user. As entrepreneurs, we must respond to this request in the clearest way possible.

 All that’s left is to wait and see the increase in the number of visitors to your site! If time is not part of your growth strategy and you have $ 25 to invest in marketing, read my next post: Start the first Google AdWords campaign.



Alexandre is VP of Marketing at Amilia. His daytime passions include marketing and technology while his after-work passions include good wine and martial arts. With his black belt in judo, Alex applies his focus to Amilia's growth with as much discipline as he does to armlocks & chokes on the mats.