Understanding Why SEO is Important for Growing Your Business

Posted on 4/3/14 2:18 PM by Ashley Wood

Understanding Why SEO is important for your organization is definitely a good start if you want to use the method for promotions. However, don’t think of it as an easy task, as there are a lot you need to learn in order to make the most out of SEO. Here are some important reminders to help you in planning your strategy for this one.


What SEO isn’t

As it is, you probably know by now what SEO is and how it works. Now, what you need to know is what it isn’t. Just like any other method, SEO has its limitations. Being familiar with those early will give you a better idea of how your work should be done to get the best results.

One particular notion that you have to dispense of early is that SEO is an all in one solution. While it is indeed very effective, it does not cover all the areas you have to reach to promote your organization. BrickMarketing.com particularly points out that SEO is not the same as search engine marketing (SEM), another important area that you have to focus on. SEO, in fact, serves as a backbone for an effective SEM effort, while SEM is where you put your SEO to another level.

Yet another misconception that you want to clear is the idea that SEO is already a dead method. This comes out as other means of promoting organizations become more popular. However, as the search engines are still one of the major foundations of the internet, SEO is still very much relevant.

So, why use it?

Once you already have a good grasp of how it works, the next big question would be why SEO is important to your organization. The most obvious reason is that SEO allows your organization to be a lot more visible online. This, in turn, will help you draw in more people to your fold.

You might not be aware of it, but SEO also serves as a starting point for every online marketing effort. As have already been mentioned, SEO is very much an integral part of SEM. This can also be extended to other online marketing strategies, like social media marketing and content marketing. SEO also has a significant influence on your offline promotional work.

What now?

In order to fully integrate SEO in you organization’s promotional effort, your whole organization needs to know how to handle the work properly. Here, Bruce Clay stressed the importance of education for

“Key managers, influencers and implementation staff should be educated in the capabilities and requirements of SEO. Furthermore, the implementation team should keep their understanding of search engine guidelines and SEO best practices up to date by attending conferences or SEO training courses at regular intervals or reading authoritative resources from search engine reps and industry thought leaders.”

Furthermore, as have already been said, SEO is just one strategy that you can use. There are still a lot of others available at your disposal. Combining SEO with these other methods will produce more significant results than of it being used alone.

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