How Social Media Can Add Value to Your Gymnastics Club

Posted on 5/31/14 7:00 AM by Ashley Wood

Is there a place in the vast world of social media for Gymnastics Clubs to broaden their horizons? Absolutely! If your club currently utilizes social media very little or not at all, you should consider some important details and beneficial aspects of social media, and make yourself more aware of just how good it can be for your gym.



3 Ways Your Gym can use social media to its advantage:



Increasing awareness

You can't attract new clients if you cant be found online. Creating a page, or an account, on various social media sites for your organization is the very first step in this process. It's easy and usually free. You want people to know and understand what exactly it is that your organization does for your community, and why it is important. The easiest way to do this is by making your presence known to the online world through social media sites.


Sharing events

Since most poeple check ther social media accounts several times a day, they're a great platform for you to share and promote events.  After your club's page posts about an event, those interested in going can share your event's information with their friends, and so forth and so on until many more people than you would have reached otherwise are now aware of your event.


Sharing photographs

Visual advertisements are extremely effective in the business world, and most people are more drawn to images than to a wall of text on a page. Social media sites are wonderful for sharing your organization's images and goings-on with the general public. You and your students work hard, why not show people with a photo or a video from a practice or a competition?

If your organization does not yet have certain social sites, then you are not living up to your full potential! Perhaps some time could be spent exploring the endless possibilities and many benefits of involving your organization with sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. 

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