How Tech Can Help You Drive Client Engagement

You expect technology to enable & simplify your everyday. Your clients are no different! Keep reading to learn how you can leverage tech to better engage your clients.

Pallavi Borkar
Pallavi Borkar
March 9, 2020 2 min read

Technology has become a staple in our everyday life. In fact, you’ve probably checked your Facebook or Instagram feed earlier today, ordered something from Amazon in the last month (if not week!) and installed smart home devices such as smart TVs, home security systems and voice assistants that you use on a near-daily basis. Not only do you want the products and services that you use to be easy to access and intuitive, but you also expect that all support and information be available online round the clock. If that’s you as a consumer, then your clients are no different.

Technology, when used strategically, can help augment interactions with your clients by automating internal workflows and have a positive impact on customer retention and loyalty. If you’re looking for ways to leverage tech to drive customer engagement, keep on reading.

1. Let the tech handle the grunt work

Being bogged down by manual processes like handling registrations and payments, data entry and scheduling not only takes up far too much of your time, it can delay the completion of your more crucial tasks. Luckily, several tech-based tools exist to help you truly automate business tasks such as accounting, time & project management and even online registrations & payments.

You and your staff can save time through automation and focus on having more meaningful interactions with your clients and working on further developing your programming and services.

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2. Let the data help you decide

Every business, irrespective of size, sits on a treasure trove of data: data from its website and social media, data from its sales and even data from client complaints and feedback. Analyzing that data can not only help you identify what works and what doesn’t, it can help you boost client satisfaction and revenue by designing programs, classes and services that drive results!

3. Let the tech help you WOW your clients

Simply making your offering available for purchase online is no longer enough if you don’t have tools to manage customer relationships. CRM and marketing automation can help personalize your communication to your clients, convert more leads to clients, provide higher returns on your staff costs, and even make existing clients stay loyal.

It is widely acknowledged that retaining existing clients is a lot cheaper than acquiring new ones. But if you don’t do everything in your power to make accessing your services as convenient as possible for your clients, sooner or later they will find someone else who does.

Amilia helps you deliver an unbeatable online registration experience while fully automating registrations, payments, scheduling, collection of client data and more. Its reporting capabilities give you critical insights on client activity and organizational performance. Talk about Technology that helps get the job done!

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