5 Ways to Add Value to Your Gymnastics School

Posted on 6/30/14 11:30 AM by Ashley Wood

You want your gymnastics school, club, or team to be financially stable so you can continue doing what you love.  To achieve this goal, you'll need to keep your students thrilled with the service they receive so they'll keep coming back and referring their friends.  Let's look at some tips to help you add value to your gymnastics school, club, or team.


1. Start With Cost Free Value


There are a few simple things you can do to add value for your students that will cost you nothing:  Smile and be positive. It seems obvious but you'd be surprised at how many people forget about it.  Maintaining a friendly staff and an approachable brand will help you get new members through the door.  Starting gymnastics can be frightening (here are a few tips to avoid scaring off new gymnasts).  Encourage them and provide personalized attention so they'll know they're in good hands.  Your support and optimism can give others the courage they need to get involved and start taking lessons.



2. Have A Website & Blog


Try having your own website or blog that members can visit.  This will keep your gymnastics students up to date on what's going on with your school.  Provide interesting and informative articles to help your gymnasts improve their technique.  A website will also let potential students research what your club offers, find out how they can join, and get a sense of whether your gymnastics school is right for them.



3. Add A Service


Give your members a new service at no additional cost: a free 30-minute back handspring clinic on Mondays, trial offers, freebies, or other promotions.  If you offer different types of gymnastics classes, you could offer a free trial of another class to encourage your members to sign up for more classes.  



4. Ask Your Members


Your members are the most important part of your organization.  Pleasing them should be your number one goal, so ask for their opinions often!  Give them a way of voicing their opinion anonymously so there's no pressure or awkwardness.  Have a box for suggestions or send short survey questions in an email and let your members regularly vote on choices meant to improve your gymnastics school.  This will help give you the feedback you need to keep your members happy, as well as help encourage participation from your students.


 5. Add Classes that Appeal to the Whole Family 

One of our readers on LinkedIn recommended adding classes for toddlers so parents can drop of all their kids for an hour or two and use that time to run errands. This option makes your gym more appealing to the entire family. If you have any suggestions that worked for your gym, let us know!  

Improving your gymnastics school doesn't have to cost you a fortune. In fact, there are many things you can do that won't cost much money at all.  Giving your time and effort is just as important as finance when improving your organization.  Think creatively and work hard to see the results you desire.  


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