Is Your Online Registration Process Giving Your Brand a Bad Name?

Posted on 3/2/17 4:44 PM by Megan Guerin

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There are several myths surrounding online registration, but this much is true: business owners pour their heart and souls into their operation and face the challenge of differentiating themselves from the competition. In order to do so, they need to establish a reputable and reliable brand that reflect their business’ core values.

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With so much to consider when running your programs (from space and equipment to teachers, programming and more) it can be easy to lose sight of how potential clients perceive your brand. Online registration is quickly becoming the de facto process for many organizations, and for good reason – it is a time-saving tool that facilitates what used to be an arduous task, both for the organization and clients.

Your website is often your first point of contact with a potential client.  As a business owner, you have to ask yourself What does your online registration process say about you and is it an accurate reflection of your business? Does it align with your brand?


Customer Experience

Customer focus is the heart of every organization and businesses in this sector rely on the positive experiences of customers to maintain loyalty and gain exposure through referrals. Owners and staff go above and beyond to ensure a quality experience within the facility and build their reputation from these interactions.

Have you considered whether your online registration process delivers the same consistency?

Before your clients step foot into your club and have a chance to interact with you in person – could they be struggling to register their child to a program on your platform? Do you have forms that are easy to understand and fill out? Is it mobile optimized? Is it user friendly and intuitive? Does it have a client account they can log into later to review their schedule? Does it reflect the same premium customer centric experience you deliver inside your club? Keep in mind, potential clients will draw immediate conclusions from their experience registering online.                                                   

We live in the age of technology and consumers not only expect online registration but they expect it to be intuitive. They are very well versed in the concept of online purchasing –they are accustomed to the simplicity and streamlined process of popular e-commerce sites like Amazon. They draw on the assumption that online shopping is the norm and if your online registration process is not an easy, comparable experience, it makes them question your other aspects of your business or worse, turn to the competition. If their technology isn’t up to date – will their programming be? Don’t give potential clients a reason to doubt your abilities as an organization.

“It’s not faith in technology, it’s faith in people” – Steve Jobs

You devote so much time and energy to your organization’s success so don’t undermine that by discrediting your brand. Make sure your online presence is a positive reflection of your organization so you can establish your business as customer focused and reliable before they even walk through the door. If your commitment to your clients is evident from the get go both online and offline, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.


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