Is Your Online Registration Period Too Hot to Handle?

Posted on 7/6/16 11:26 AM by Kristen Goecke

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So it’s time to start thinking about your next registration period. This is typically a flurry of activity: setting the session schedules, gathering the forms for your participants to complete, promoting registration  and pre registration periods etc.

And then the mad rush of everyone registering at once to ensure a coveted spot for their kid, or themselves.  It’s a tremendous amount of work but good news for you! Online Registration Software can cut down on much of the work involved.

It's time to start thinking about that mad rush of everyone trying to register at once - can your software handle all those registrations at once? You are hot but are you Kim K. HOT?

If your Online Registration software vendor is not prepared for the spikes in traffic your organization is going to bring, then yes, your organization’s hotness is going to break the software.


404 pages and slow loading times due to heavy traffic is a great way to infuriate your clients and can create extra work for you. In short, it's a disaster for your business.

AND nobody’s got time for that!

Sports and recreation focused businesses typically have peak registration periods. Any Online Registration software vendor worth their salt knows this and can handle surges in traffic.

To ensure you are selecting an Online Registration software vendor who knows what they are doing, ask the following questions:

  1. When are your peak registration times? How many clients do you typically serve during that time?

  2. How does the software vendor manage those peaks?

  3. Can they provide data on the volume of simultaneous transactions they can handle?

  4. Will the vendor be able to manage future growth?

As you grow, so should your software vendor’s ability to handle your clients. Make sure they live and breath the maxim: “Our Success is Your Success.”

What else do you need to consider when buying an Online Registration software solution? Download the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Online Registration Software. It’s free and filled with tons of info on how to select a solution suited to your unique needs.