One Simple Hack That Can Make Your Business Greener

Posted on 4/22/15 9:44 AM by Kim Fortin

For No Paper Day, Amilia would like you to consider the positive impact online registration has on the environment. With online registration, your organization can reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Allow your clients to register online and reduce your paper consumption by:

  • Having them view your schedule and activities online,
  • Fill our their registration forms online,
  • E-mail them confirmation documents, invoices and receipts
  • Give them online access to all their invoices, receipts and account balances

The environmental impact of online registration goes beyond reducing paper. By signing up from the comfort of their own home, your clients diminish their car use, which reduces CO2 emissions. In 2014, more than 200 000 participants have registered for their favorite activities from their homes. No driving necessary!


Here are some green tips that your organization can adopt to nurture our planet:

  • Coordinate carpooling (create carpooling groups in Amilia)
  • Announce your sessions or activities by e-mail
  • Encourage clients to travel to their activities by bike or on foot. It’s a good option for both the environment and their health!


Our services allow your organization and its members to consume with care. If you'd like your business to go greener and reduce your carbon footprint, check out our free e-book on choosing the best online registration platform for your organization: 

How to Choose an  Online Registration Platform