Payment Processor Integration: The Deeper the Better

Posted on 8/16/16 4:14 PM by Kristen Goecke

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Online Registration and Online Payment is one of those things that goes together like peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, Captain and Tennille, each is great on their own but together, they are SOOO much better. With Online Registration and Online Payment your client enjoys the seamless, convenient process of registering and paying for your activities and purchasing memberships, merchandise, just like any other online shopping site. PLUS, you get to enjoy a massive reduction in paperwork, data entry, and debt collection.

Most online registration platforms can connect to multiple payment processors or merchant accounts but some form partnerships with one or two specific payment processor. Why?

These partnerships come about for various reasons: fees, customer service, easier connection, integration. While we can’t speak on other registration providers’ partnerships, Amilia has chosen to partner with Paysafe for all of these reasons.


With some payment processors, trying to predict your monthly merchant account fees can be a Kafkaesque experience. There are a myriad of components that go into a merchant account and each of those components have separate fees: Gateway fees, Management fees, Transaction fees, Interchange fees, PCI Compliance fees. Some of these fees are flat rate monthly fees, others are percentage based and still others are transaction fees.

To find out more details on what these fees are for and average costs, check out our infographic and blog post: Merchant Accounts 101.  Spoiler Alert: it’s still confusing.


With Amilia’s partnership with Paysafe your fee structure is simplified. Your costs are always 2.85% + $0.30 per transaction. This means no monthly fees, added fees or surprises.

All those monthly fees and compliance fees are taken care of by Amilia and there is no payment processor contract (most require a 3 year commitment). FREEDOM! Plus you can actually predict what your are going to pay in fees for a given month.

Customer Service

There was a time when Amilia did not have a partnership with Paysafe and that was a rough time for our customers and our Customer Service Department. 9 times out of 10 Amilia clients would call or email Amilia Customer Support when there was an issue with their merchant account. We take the registration and send the information the the payment processor who processes the rest of the transaction. Amilia was the obvious first place to contact.

At that time, our ability to aid our customers was limited to verifying the connection was functional and we were passing our information correctly. What happened after was the client’s problem and  up to them to sort it out with the Payment Processor themselves. This was painful. We don’t enjoy seeing our clients frustrated and unfortunately, most payment processors prioritize by size of account and it can be hard to compete with humongous corporations for priority.  

With the partnership in place we remain first contact with our clients in the event of a payment issues except now we are better equipped to help solve the problem.

We can now:

  • advocate on your behalf during the application process;
  • have deeper technical integration which means easier connectivity and improved stability;
  • give you faster customer service: your status as an Amilia client is prioritized with Paysafe technical support and we are better equipped to support minor technical issues;
  • enhanced training.

Essentially the partnership joins Amilia and Paysafe together to serve you and it takes you out of the role as middle man between Amilia and Paysafe. Both parties have a deep understanding that if you are happy with Amilia, you are happy with Paysafe and vice versa.

Easier connection

We’ve connected hundreds of Paysafe merchant accounts with the Amilia platform. There are no surprises and the timeline from application approval to connection is short, consistent and predictable.

We also help you with the application process and advocate for quick approval turn around times. We want you connected and taking transactions as quickly as possible and work hard to make sure that happens.

Integration - Saving the best for last!

Surprised that integration is the best? What does integration even mean? When we talk integration, the above factors have a lot of integration elements - better fee structure, customer service, easier connection - but there is MORE.


With our partnership with Paysafe we can provide more payment options that you, in turn, can offer your clients. For example our Paysafe clients have the Installments Module available. 

With this module you can offer your clients not only the ability to pay via installments but you can also offer a variety of installment options. The installments are automatically processed by Amilia and Paysafe on schedule without any crazy time consuming manual batch processing by you.

Reconciliation and financial reporting is also enhanced. In fact we are continually working to improve Amilia’s financial reporting as well as even deeper integration with Paysafe.

And this is why we say the “deeper the better” and you are gonna love it.

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