Scheduling Your Recurring Payments In Amilia

Posted on 7/28/14 2:09 PM by Ashley Wood

As of August 5th, the new recurring payment will be released. In order to continue to offer recurring payments to your customers, you must perform an important task: rescheduling recurring payments, here's how:

In tab Account > Payments


In the section Payment under Recurring Payments


Click on PR-003-EN. Various fields are available for you to fill out. Here are the details:


From: enter the minimum amount of the tier that will be included in this tier

To: enter the maximum amount of the tier that will not be included in this tier


If the amount due for eligible activities and memberships falls between the minimum and maximum amounts set for this tier, the payment terms configured with the fields below will apply. If the amount due doesn’t fall within any tier, then recurring payment will not be offered to this client.

Minimum Amount at Registration: this field allows you to set the amount of the first payment due. It can be a percentage of the total or a fixed amount, and this is the amount that the client must pay at registration.

Type: is used to determine the method by which recurring payments will be calculated. Choose to set a certain number of payments (Fixed) or to adjust the number of payments depending on the end date of the activity (activity end date).


  • If Fixed is selected, the number of payments chosen will be applied, regardless of the activity’s end date.  
  • If Activity end date is selected, the number and amount of recurring payments will adjust automatically according to the time remaining before the end of the activity.

Max No. of Payments: is used to determine the number of payments that will be made and thereby the amount of each recurring payment. This field is only used when "Fixed" is selected in the Type field.

Recurrence Interval: is used to determine the interval between payments.

First Recurrence Day: is used to determine the day of the month on which the first payment will take place after registration. All payments will then be withdrawn on that same day of the month, if the recurrence is set to occur monthly.

Click on PR-005-EN to save the information you just entered.

No action is required on any activities or memberships. All activities and/or memberships that were eligible for recurring payments still are, despite the introduction of the new recurring payment model.

You can download a PDF version of the instructions by clicking the button below

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