The Best Playlist to Help You Stay Productive at Work

Posted on 1/23/19 9:00 AM by Renaud Beaulieu-Labbe

Do you have trouble concentrating at work? Do you find it difficult to be consistently productive? When those things happen to me, my remedy is simple: listen to good music. It helps me tune out distractions, focus on my work and, in most cases, start my day off right. With the help of the Amilia team, I've put together a supercharged playlist that will hopefully have the same effect on your workday! 

Listen to our picks for the best music that keeps you productive at work:

For many, music helps you concentrate and thrive in a professional environment. Recent data indicates that the music we listen to has an instant effect on our emotions, as well as how we manage them over the course of a day. Whether it’s a collection of instrumental tracks or songs with well-known lyrics, listening to music can increase your productivity while also putting you in our happy place.

When it comes to suggesting specific songs or genres, I’m not an expert and therefore can’t make recommendations based on scientific data. However, in this blog article, I’ll be curating a playlist with music that works for me, as well as some of the smartest people I know: my colleagues at Amilia.


I asked team members from different departments for some music-related insight and received a lot of great suggestions. The only criteria was that their music selection(s) had to give them a productivity boost at work.

From old-school rap to video game music, progressive instrumental metal and dance music, our playlist encompasses a variety of genres, moods and tempos. No matter what you're already listening to during your workday, there's something for everyone

I’ve included some of the long-form responses from different members of our team who participated in the making of this playlist. They explain why those tracks are their go-to music to listen to at work and, in some cases, even make additional recommendations.

Let’s jump right in!


Jonathan Belluomo, Sales Director

Invader - Dance with the Dead

I’m a big fan of 1980’s rock & roll horror movies where the music is inspired by these musical themes. A minimal amount of vocals really helps me to focus during the day's work.


Jérémie Bryon, Web Developer

The Soundtrack of Machinarium - Thomas Dvorak

I like to listen to the soundtrack from the game Machinarium. It brings back good memories and plunges me into the atmosphere of this game, in which you must solve puzzles. Ideal to focus when you're at work!


Gabriel Fortier, Customer Experience Specialist

Live in Prague - Hans Zimmer

I listen to Hans Zimmer when I need to concentrate for a long period of time.

Naked in the Desert - Pettra; We Like It Here - Snarky Puppy

I listen to the music of these two artists when I need to work quickly and with intensity. It helps bring a good rhythm to my work.


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Tanguy Damois, Business Development Executive

First Fires - Bonobo

Masters of the down-tempo, as Massive Attack were 20 years ago. I love this style when I'm working, it keeps me focused!

Wish You Were Here - Isaac Hayes

The soul master! It's hard to pick just one of his songs ... Soul music is really the best to help maintain productivity when I'm working!

Muste 2 the Paraoh - Prince

From the best Prince album ("The Rainbow Children"). Nothing more to say except: MASTERPIECE!


Samuel Pilon, Web Developer

Inscape - Alexandra Streliski

Personally, I do not listen to a lot of music while working, but if I need to concentrate, I mainly listen to piano-based music. Why piano? It relaxes me. I think it helps concentration when I need it. The fact that there is no word helps me to zone out, which is to say that it relaxes me without me realizing it, cutting all the outside noises.

Quand même clean – Alaclair Ensemble

The beat always puts me in a good mood. I've always loved Quebec rap, so I quickly turn to the classics when I need them.

War Eternal - Arch Enemy

Finally, if I need to wake up but do not want to rap, then death metal is my true love from when I was younger. I've been listening to this genre since I was a teenager. I especially like the electric guitar, drums and the aggressiveness of the music.


Jeremy Frohlich, Sales Manager

Thomas Jack and Klingade

It depends on the day, but I usually listen to tropical house. If you’re not familiar with this genre of music, a little research on YouTube is necessary in my opinion. You will immediately fall in love. It has roots in regular house music but is more relaxed and colder. The best thing is when there is a saxophone like with Klingande or Thomas Jack. These are my favorites!

Also, from time to time, I need rap to get me going!


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Alexandre Beauclair, Operations and Infrastructure

Pointers - The Algorithm

I often listen to the group The Algorithm while working. It is a French group that records progressive metal instrumentals, integrating many synth sounds in their music! I particularly like the song "Pointers", because it presents many interesting changes between the different sounds that the band has to offer. I think that it illustrates their music very well!


Kristen Sutherland, Graphic Designer

Feel the Fire - Eli & Fur

Out of Time - Sasha ft. Polica

Lost in Istanbul Pascal Junior Remix - Brianna

Follow Me - Moonbeam, Indifferent Guy

At Night - Shakedown

As a designer, I like to lose myself in the music I listen to. This allows me to enter my creative bubble and time usually flies as a result!


Ashley Wood, Marketing Director

New Touch - Caveboy

This group from Montreal has many good songs. "New Touch" is their song that I like to listen to when I need to be really productive - it's energizing enough to motivate you and it still lets you focus on your work.


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Marie-Lune Brisebois, Product Manager

Nightcall - Kavinsky

This song calms me down - I can work hours while listening to it.

Where is My Mind - Maxence Cyrin

This song is like a warm blanket during a gray day, so comforting!

New Noise - Refused

This song is like a big kick in the back. It is very energizing and jolts you into the moment!


Matt Fish, Content Specialist

The Pretender – Foo Fighters

When I need to strap in and increase my productivity for 30-90 minutes at a time, I like some more aggressive, hard-charging rock music. Other Foo Fighters songs could’ve easily gone here, but “The Pretender” always gets the juices flowing, no matter how tired or drained you feel.

Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin

Okay, hear me out on this one. I grew up in a family that frequently had the crooners playing in the background, so this song in particular gives me that warm feeling of familiarity and can be very comforting if I’m trying to get into a good frame of mind to work.

The Dark Side of the Moon

Spacey, haunting, at turns both angry and hopeful, “The Dark Side of the Moon” is a great album to work to. Memorable guitar riffs and rhythm sections, along with long stretches of instrumental breaks that will give you a chance to focus on the task(s) at hand. If I had to pick one song from this album, it would be the spectacular “Us and Them.”

Hypnotize – The Notorious B.I.G

Let’s face it: Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned rap-along to get you going at work.


Kim Thibault, Web Developer

Dare - The Human League

This type of music is what I listen to these days when I'm working. One of the best known tracks from this album is their hit "Don't You Want Me."


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Finally, here are some of my suggestions to end things off:

Little People - The Procussions

If you've already listened to the BMS series, this song will remind you of one of their best episodes. Great pace and the band, The Procussions, have a very good flow. It reminds me of the wacky moments from the series and always brings me a moment of instant joy!

Crawling - Linkin Park

One of the classic songs of the band of the late Chester Bennington. His voice is just amazing in this song. The alternating between quiet moments and very intense moments give "Crawling" a rhythm that's essential when I need to work.

Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

Whether at the gym, at work, at home, before a hockey game, whatever, this song gives me endless energy. It allows me to do almost anything. I'll also admit that I discovered it while playing "Guitar Hero III."


Check out the playlist below and make sure you follow it on Spotify to keep your workday productive from start to finish.