The Customer Success Era: What it Means for Your Business

Posted on 11/8/16 11:31 AM by Salpi Kralian

Over the past couple months, Amilia has transformed our customer support department into a customer success organization and this transformation took a lot more than a title change.

You're probably asking “what is the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success?”While customer support aims to help clients when they run into issues, Customer Success takes a proactive approach to helping clients use the product or service to it's full potential while equipping them with the tools they need to do so. Customer Success starts off as a task list, then it turns into a project, then a program and finally becomes part of the company culture. 

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The lines are blurry when you try to find an actual difference between Customer Success and Customer Support as it is clear that they have a natural way of flowing into the same stream. At Amilia, Customer Success is what our department is called as this is our practice. As a company, our vision is to help community driven organization unleash their potential. Within the department, we have two teams, Customer Support Specialists and Customer Success Representatives and our mantra is to provide our users with an exceptional customer experience. 

The first step on the road to customer success is to ask your clients for feedback on your product or services. Success depends on what you do with their feedback, it takes action.

How Amilia gathers feedback: The way we have been measuring customer experience is by NPS (Net Promoter Score) system by Fred Reichheld. We ask the ultimate question [1]in all our transactional and semi-annual surveys. At Amilia our Executive team gets it! In fact, all departments have their key performance metrics tied into how well we serve our customers by measuring our NPS and level of satisfaction in the functional areas of our business. We have both real-time alerts that we can take action on immediately if its urgent and semi-annual reviews where we identify major trends and work those into our corporate strategy. Every department is a pillar that Amilia’s customer experience brand stands on.

How you can gather feedback in your business: whichever way you chose to go about gathering your customers feedback, you are off to a great start! You want to make sure the feedback you gather is useful and that actionable items can be created. A survey is a simple and effective way to gather feedback. Here are some of the must have questions on your customer survey:

1) On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our club/gym/camp/school to others?

  •  If they score a 0-8 ask them what you can do better to get a 10?
  • If they score a 9 or 10 ask them what they love the most

2) how likely are they going to continue doing business with you? This gives you an indication if the client will be returning to your class/activity.

3) Always have an open text question for additional feedback. Clients who care will take the time to give you more constructive criticism (or praise) so you can better your services.

Use this information to create goals and actionable items for everyone in your organization. remember, customer success doesn't end at the front desk. Everyone plays a role in the transition of Customer Support or Customer Service to Customer Success. 

Feedback is essential in identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an organization. By gathering feedback from your clients, you are telling them two things: one, "we care about your input and value your opinion" and two, "we are committed to improving this business so we can continue to give you a great experience".  Remember, feedback is only one (very important) piece of the Customer Success  puzzle. We'll be sharing our customer success pointers monthly so make sure to check the blog regularly.

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