How Online Registration Can Improve Your Dance School

Posted on 4/4/17 4:11 PM by Nathalie Parmentier

The year I started high school, I had to fill out a form to decide which arts class to take. There were four checkboxes to choose from: music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Having no predisposed talent to any of these options, I checked the box marked ‘dance’. To my surprise, it grew on me, and dancing has been a major part of my life ever since.


Working at Amilia, I have met with dance schools in my local community as well as across Canada and the United States who have made the switch from taking registrations in-person to online. Online registration makes filling classes easy, whatever style of dance classes they offer.

But managing a dance school isn’t just about the dance classes. At any one time, the administrators at a dance school might be hiring teachers, holding auditions, entering competitions, selling costumes, running workshops, and scheduling performances. Amidst all of this, they must ensure clients are kept informed and the company books are balanced. There are a lot of moving parts – it’s like a complex choreography!

With online registration software that takes the manual work out of every-day tasks, managers can focus more on the happiness and health of their dancers, on growing their business, and becoming more involved in their community.

5 ways dance schools benefit from Amilia:

1- Online registration and payment

It’s easy to set up classes as sessions, drop-ins, or both, and let dancers choose what works best for their schedule. It’s also great to offer dancers the convenience of a mutli-pass for drop-in classes: for example, offer a 5-class card, or an unlimited pass for a specific date range. And with online payment options, you don’t have to worry about clients showing up at the studio without paying for class. 

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2- User Accounts

Power to the people! With Amilia, clients get their own user accounts, giving them online access to their full billing history with your organization, including invoices and receipts. They can review purchases and use the built-in calendar to track their dance schedules.

3- Installment plans

A full season of classes can be expensive, especially at the competitive level, so many dance schools offer recurring payment options. Set post-dated payments in a client’s account and when the time comes, transactions are processed automatically. In thelong run, a payment processor integration makes everything earsier, we explain why in this blog post.

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4- Sell merchandise online and suggest items based on classes

Dance classes often require specific apparel. Sell clothing and costumes in your online store, and recommend or require the purchase of merchandise with specific classes. If a client signs up for ballet class, have Amilia suggest buying ballet shoes at the same time.

5- Customized forms 

Whether it’s to collect contact information, or learn a bit more about your clients’ favorite dance styles, forms capture and save this data. Choose from default questions or create custom questions. For me, dance all started with a form!

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If you would like to know if Amilia is the good registration software for you, you can download our feature brochure. You will find more information about all our features !