Unleash the Power of Online Registration Forms

Posted on 6/2/15 12:20 PM by Marianne David

A recurring theme in my conversations with businesses is how difficult – essentially impossible – it is for them to maintain an up-to-date and accurate customer database. As time goes on, people move, phone numbers change, families break-up, people fall in love, and if you’re still working with paper, you know that everything you are looking at is already outdated. You need online forms.

Unlike other myths about online registration, this much is true about forms: they need to be fully-customizable. Every business’ needs are different, and what works for someone else might not work for you! You should be able to use your forms to obtain virtually anything you need from your customers. Are you curious about how they heard about you? Would you like to conduct a short survey? Find out about their medical issues or allergies? Do you need to know whether the children can swim? Whether you are entitled to administer treatment in case of an allergic reaction? Your online forms should let you find out.   


You should be able to create any type of question you like: multiple-choice, checkboxes, yes/no answers, and for each of them, you should be able to decide whether the response is optional or mandatory.

Customers should never be allowed to go through the checkout process without providing you with all the information you require. This way, you ensure that every file is complete and that you can use the data in any way you see fit! Your kids are safe and everyone is on the same page before the session starts.

Speaking of using data, wouldn’t it be nice if your online forms were fully integrated into an online registration that also managed your clients’ information? Just imagine, as your customer registers online, fills out all your forms and pays, their data is automatically populated into the system, where you can view it in real time. This also means that it can be extracted in a multitude of ways!


Such an online registration tool with fully customizable forms would also enable you to give all your instructors attendance lists that included allergy information or special needs, for instance, or any answer to any question from your form. It would also let you produce detailed financial reports for your accounting team, as well as help your marketing team identify trends in registration patterns.

Online registration software should also give your customers full access to their own account so they can update their information when it changes, view their purchases, reprint any transaction receipts they might need, and generally check up on things once in a while. Is the customer experience aspect of your online registration process isn't up to par, you could be tarnishing your brand as a result.

Increased customer autonomy means no more endless lineups or ridiculous wait times on the phone, no more frustrated clients who waited for hours only to find out their favourite activity has just sold out, no more having to reprint and mail out invoices or receipts. Everyone is buying online nowadays. Make it easy for your customers… and for you!

Online forms are incredible, but you need online registration software to unlock their full power and ensure that you are taking full advantage of the data that your customers are providing for you.


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