Global User Account

Every activity. Every organization. Every family member. All in one place.

With Amilia, your customers have just one single user account to login or register for any Amilia-powered organization. All their information stays centralized in a single account, making it easy for them to stay on track of all their activities. Think of it as 1 key that can open multiple doors. We call it the “Global user account”.

Make activities viewable at a glance.

Amilia’s Global User Account allows your customers to view all their activities from one centralized family calendar. They can filter by person or organization to hone in on more specific information.

Account updates sync instantly.

Any changes made to your customers’ personal and payment information for one organization are automatically synced to their account in real time. In other words, all organizations can benefit from the most updated customer info in real-time.

Centralized billing information.

Your customers can view billing information like invoices, upcoming payments, credits, refunds and deposits from any one of their Amilia-powered organizations. They can filter by organization and transaction type and can also make payments directly through their user account to bring down any outstanding balances.

Great for groups.

Connect two or more customers who schedule or pay together, like family members or colleagues. You can even invoice everyone all at once simply by charging one account.