Amilia's ecoystem

Amilia's software platform consists of 3 major components that all link and work together, ensuring that your data is always updated with consistency and accuracy. Each of these components – Back Office, Online Store and User Portal – have their own distinct feature set and are connected by a fully integrated payment solution that can automate tasks such as reconciliation, refund and installments.

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Back Office 

Manage your business operations with ease

Amilia's software not only helps your organization grow but also grows with your organization, evolving alongside your needs and wants. Our Back Office simplifies tasks like form creation, membership renewals, branded merchandise sales and much more, while also offering a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database where you can manage your client experience and increase retention.

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Online Store

Offer a smooth, efficient checkout experience

Your Online Store works seamlessly with the Back Office and makes it easy for your clients to find the activities, memberships or merchandise they’re looking for. When they’re ready to purchase, an intuitive, modern checkout experience awaits them. Your store can also be customized with specific colors and logos, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website. 

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User Portal

A unique account for all your customers

Your customers are at the heart of your organization, which is why we've made people the heart of the Amilia platform. Providing widespread convenience for users and administrators, our family accounts eliminate the need to create additional profiles and, through our User Portal, participants and administrators always have access to an account's shopping history, invoices, activity or class schedule and much more.

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Make payments a secure and stress-free process


By choosing Amilia, you’re getting a software solution that gives both managers and clients more flexibility than ever. Customers can pay for classes, activities or drop-ins using a credit card or e-check, bringing added convenience to their registration experience. The options to use installments and/or pro-rated payment plans help administrators save time when it comes to collecting fees. You can even automate billing functionality for a specific activity, which means payment must be completed before a registration is finalized.

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