Identity and Access Management Software

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Business Smart City Federation

Manage Access to Your Facilities

Create Your Own Resident or Membership Cards

Our identity and access management features allow you to create your own resident and membership cards, available in digital and printed versions. Amilia also manages the physical access to your facilities with the help of different devices. Our module allows you to create and print cards. You can choose from the following information to be displayed on them; photo, personal information, logo, expiration date, barcode.

Go Digital with Your Member Cards

Offer your residents and members the option of using a digital version of their access card. Digital cards are available at any time in their Amilia account or via the Mobile App. They are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. Your residents and members can easily access their card on their smartphones. Using your printed or digital card, it is possible to manage access to your various facilities: sports centers, pools, gyms, etc. This module is fully integrated with our database and allows you to quickly access your residents' files.


Is security a concern when children are dropped off and picked up from activities? Pick-ups and drop offs can be a slow process and parents need to know their children are safe and leaving with the right person. Ensure optimum security and expedite this process with Amilia's check-in/check-out feature. This feature immediately allows your staff to identify the child by name and photo and who is allowed responsibility for the child. Attendance lists are automatically updated at check-in simplifying your entire attendance process - reducing paperwork and time. All logs are easily exportable via excel and PDF.

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