CRM Database

Amilia's client module helps you build your CRM database quickly and easily, giving you the ability to keep track of every participant and their respective information. You can also use our intuitive search function to sort members through different filters, allowing you to generate lists according to specific criteria such as date of birth, allergies, illnesses and much more. 

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Medical and other Important Information

Up-to-date details when you need it most

Amilia will automatically create an account for every client who fills out a registration form, freeing up countless hours that normally spent by your staff entering data manually. This way, you'll have the most up-to-date details concerning your participants. Having the right information on hand at all times is crucial for staff members and program instructors to track information like allergies, medical conditions, emergency contacts and physician coordinates. With Amilia, all this is accomplished effortlessly.

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Easy Exporting and Printing

Client information that's accessible at any time

Exporting client information is also a pain-free process with our software solution. This can be done in list form, which you can then sort by programs, activities, emails and more. You can even print client files individually. All you need to do is decide on what information you want gathered in a report, as it corresponds to a given activity.  

You can also customize what information you want displayed on the client profiles, including participant photo, specific personal information, medical information, emergency contacts and more.  If you want to revisit the same client reports, our system lets you save them as templates, meaning you can easily generate the latest version. 

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Manage Participant Skills and Levels

View member progress and restrict registration based on ability

Everyone who registers for your classes, activities or even drop-ins will have varying levels of skill or experience, which makes grouping together participants who are at the same level a crucial step in your registration process. With our skills feature, you can assign skills, levels, or competencies to each client. These skills can only be assigned and edited by you and your staff, based on the progress demonstrated by a specific athlete or member. 

You can also restrict registration access to certain skill levels or competencies, which means your clients will always feel right at home in their class or activity and not out of their depth. This gives you more control than ever before on your event activity schedule, letting you focus on delivering a great customer experience to everyone who registers. 

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