Customizable Forms

Say goodbye to impractical, generic registration forms when you use Amilia. Our fully customizable forms allow you to create fresh templates and link them to your program. You can also gather information specific to your class, activity or organization, ensuring that directors and staff have the tools they need to help participants succeed.

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Customizable Registration Forms

Get the information you need from participants


Is your registration period not giving you the right details about those who sign up? Change that with Amilia's custom forms - flexible documents that you can create for each of your programs. You can add up to 250 questions, including an in-depth medical section and ones you enter manually, tailoring your form to get the specific information you need. Questions can also be made optional or mandatory.

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Waivers and other Permissions

Ensure client safety and security

Waiver forms and other permission slips, while necessary for both child and adult safety, can be tough to collect from participants or their families and keep track of once you have them. This could lead to potential risks for your participants, something Amilia will help you avoid.

With our platform, permission slips or waiver documentation of any kind can be included as part of the registration process. This way, you’ll always have the right file at your fingertips and ensure that everyone who signed up has everything they need to enjoy your class, activity or event.

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Exporting Information

Use your custom forms beyond registration

Our custom forms are an amazing registration tool, but the information you gather by using them will help you streamline your day-to-day operations long after the sign-up period has finished. Organize your participant data with one or more category filters and print those reports as you need them, minimizing time spent looking up details one by one.

As with our other modules, your form information is centralized in Amilia's system, giving you the ability to go back and refer to important details at any time using your administrator account. We're here to make sure that the member data is always available when you need it.

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