Facility Management Software

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Maintenance Software for Your Facility

Our facility management tools allows you to manage your sport, cultural and corporate facilities: gyms, rinks,arenas, fields, tennis courts, auditoriums, meeting rooms, swimming pools, etc. When creating your activities, you can associate them with your interior or exterior facilities. You can also subdivide your facilities and schedule different sections of your gym, lanes in your pools, or areas of your courts and maximize their use. Your activities will then be displayed in the facilities schedule and calendar.

Manage scheduling conflicts

The customizable colored legend allows you to easily navigate your various reservations. By associating a name, a color and a description to your reservations, you get a snapshot of how your facilities are being used. You can also view your calendar in one of three display options: monthly, weekly, or daily.  Easily enter the opening hours and holidays of each facility to set booking limitations. If there is a scheduling conflict, an automatic message informs you and prevents you from accidentally renting or scheduling a facility already in use; however, the system provides you with the flexibility to complete the transaction of you choose to double book your facilities. 

Automate your fee schedule

Create different fee schedules in order to simplify and automate the management of hourly rates. You can easily create both regular prices and exception periods which allow you to plan your price revisions, which will later automatically apply when creating rental contracts. Assign resources to a facility: staff, instructors, supervisor, and maintenance personnel. Your employees will then have access to their work schedule in calendar format.

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