Give your community the power to quickly find the activity they want that is closest to them with Amilia's marketplace module. It's a dynamic space where your community members can search, discover, and sign-up. The best part? You can easily integrate it with your website with a built-in embed option.

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Marketplace Activity Search

Get an overview of all registration options

Looking for the right class or activity can feel overwhelming, especially for busy parents and new residents who are searching for something close to their home or office. Amilia has taken the guesswork out of searching with our hub that brings your audience closer to your organization's services than ever before.


Your clients can also browse, register and pay for the class or activity of their choice using the marketplace, a process that includes renting facilities and booking time slots. Specific interests or locations can be prioritized using our filter option.

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Seamless Website Integration

Quick and simple setup options for your site

Getting an in-depth overview of all nearby activities up and running on your website used to take hours of administrative time. With Amilia, you'll have easy integration options that enable you to embed this module on your site within a matter of minutes.

Using standard HTML code, key information will display clearly and concisely for your end-users. If your site requires a more complex setup to satisfy your community's needs, our team is ready to help you every step of the way.

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The Power of the Marketplace

Connect With Your Community Members

The true power of our marketplace module lies in its ability to connect your organization with members of your community in a deeper way than ever before. You and your partners can not only advertise recreation details but also manage your brand and ensure consistency while maximizing participation. 

In addition, our marketplace is SEO optimized and will increase the web traffic coming to your site, upping online exposure for every registration or rental option that is part of our hub. No more missed opportunities - our marketplace brings the power to the people.

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