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Membership management made easy

Make membership management stress-free with Amilia. Our powerful membership application interface is robust and flexible, ensuring that you won't be bogged down with tedious administrative work - instead. Our membership module makes it easy to set-up memberships for your organization. Unlike activities, memberships can grant access to exclusive content and reduced prices. Similar to our activity module, you can create custom forms to collect all the relevant information you need from your members. A Membership can take different forms: it can be a membership card, an annual fee, an activity-specific membership, etc.

Keep Track of Expirations and Renewals

Easily generate a list of memberships that have expired so you can send valued members a reminder to renew. You can also generate a list of active members along with any information you’ve collected on your form (i.e. all names, birthdays, and expiration dates). Choose the membership terms with sales dates, effective dates, and expiration dates. The duration can be a fixed date or a fixed amount of time. Manage how and when you offer renewals to memberships expiring.

Collect All the Member Information You Need

You can create specific forms and link them to your membership to collect any relevant information. These forms will only be presented to your customers at checkout when they purchase the membership. Use the information you collect from your membership forms to make decisions on events, content, and activities offered. You have the option to make membership mandatory for activities you're offering. Likewise, you can also suggest merchandise or make it mandatory with the purchase of a membership. Add an age and/or gender restriction if you want to limit access to the membership and whether or not the participant must have reached that age at the time of purchase or at another date you have determined. if there are no restrictions, you can also leave this set at No Restriction, which is the default setting. You can restrict membership by skill level. Amilia will detect if the skill has been checked in the customer's account.

Create Your Own Membership Cards

You can create your own membership cards, available in digital and printed versions. Digital membership cards are available at any time in your members' Amilia account or through the Amilia Mobile App. Your clients can easily access their digital membership cards on their smartphones. Our membership module also allows you to create and print cards. You can include member photo, personal information, your logo, expiration date and access code with scan-able bar code. If your member loses their card, no problem - all cards are registered in your Amilia account so it's easy to find and reprint them.

Amilia Supports Your External Memberships

If you have an external membership management system or special membership partnerships with other organizations you can easily upload this membership information into Amilia. You can restrict registration, offer pre-registration, and/or discounts to partner organization members without creating a duplicate membership in Amilia.  External membership information can easily be uploaded into Amilia via an Excel file, API, or XML. 

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