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Make managing your organization or association's memberships a stress-free process with Amilia. Our robust, richly detailed membership management software makes it easy to create new memberships and update existing ones. You can also grant access to exclusive, member-only content, reduced prices and more in just a few clicks or taps.

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Membership Tracking

Reduce admin work by streamlining membership tracking

Properly tracking your memberships and managing changes in participant information is key to long-term client retention. With our powerful, flexible interface, you can process renewals and update important data in real-time, which means you won't be bogged down with extra administrative work. You can also generate a list of memberships that have expired, as well those belonging to active members, sorted by any information you’ve collected on your form (i.e. all names, birthdays, and expiration dates).

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Membership Cards

Unique membership cards, both digital and printed

To make access to your activities and facilities even easier for residents, Amilia offers digital membership cards. They can be used to access any service offered by a municipality or partner organization. In addition, members can access their cards through their unique user account on our platform, providing a more efficient, environmentally-friendly alternative to physical membership cards.

As a bonus, our membership management module also allows you to create and print physical cards. You can include member photo, personal information, your logo, expiration date and even an access code with scannable bar code. If someone loses their card, don't worry – any cards you create are registered in your Amilia account and can easily be reprinted.

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Access Management

Control your membership database and facility access

Whether it is through our API or its external membership import tool, Amilia allows you to verify and validate integrated membership cards in real-time. It's even possible to grant or restrict access to your various facilities through individual memberships by using our access management module. It's fully integrated with our database, which means the membership information you need is always on hand when and where you need it.

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