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Easy Drop-in Scheduling

Your clients can register for individual classes or appointments anytime, anywhere and from any device with our online scheduling software. Want to offer a class exclusively as drop-ins? No problem! You can also opt to have a certain number of spots available for drop-in and the rest reserved for full session registrations.You can choose how far in advance a drop-in needs to be booked. For example, someone may be able to sign up for a drop-in up to 30 minutes before the class begins. If they wish to register for a drop-in, clients will be directed to a calendar where they can choose what date and time they want to register themselves for. Set the activity's schedule the same way you would for a session, for the entire period during which this class will be offered, by providing a beginning date, a schedule and either an end date or a number of recurrences. If your session isn't full and you'd like to convert some of the spots to drop-ins, you can do so in just a few clicks.

Determine the Number of Available Spaces

If you are also selling this activity as a session, the number of available spaces for the entire session is added to the number of available spots for drop-ins. Consequently, if you have 5 drop-in spots available and 25 spots for the session, a total of 30 people are likely to show up on any given class. Should you wish to do so, the registration Start and End dates will let you limit how early/late people can register for each instance of the class (you could decide, for example, that you are no longer accepting registrations 24 hours before the beginning of a class). Like with session-based activities, attendance and participant/activity lists, selection summaries, and other reports can be generated for drop-in activities so you can make informed decisions and adjustment to your program offerings.

Easily Manage Your Class Schedules

Your clients can manage and keep track of the classes they signed up for with their User Account Dashboards. If for any reason, they choose to unregister, they can do so without any work on your part. Our calendar feature allows you to load any holidays, events and days you’ll be closed onto the calendar. If an activity you create has a schedule that coincides with a holiday you will be alerted to the conflict and will be able to modify that occurrence and specify whether or not the activity will occur on that day. Not only will that give you and your staff a clearer view of your schedule but it will also appear on the calendar your clients will use to sign-up for appointments or drop-ins. Make it easy for clients and potential clients to find the right activities using Tags. You’ll be able to create and color code tags to attribute to different activities. This way, you and your clients can easily navigate the calendar to find what you’re looking for. You can use these tags for individual trainers or instructors, difficulty level, or simply for the type of activity i.e swim.

Sell Class Bundles

Finally, you can sell drop-in classes in bundles instead of individually. How you choose to configure these bundles is up to you! This means you can choose how many classes are on the multi-pass, what activities are eligible for the pass, and what the effective and expiration date of the pass is. When a client registers for a class using their multi-pass, Amilia will automatically deduct a class from their pass and display how many activities remain. Your clients can always check how many classes remain from their user account.

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