Online Contract Management and Reservation

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Business Smart City Federation

Contract Management, Simplified.

Facility and Resource Management Contract Creation are interconnected and essential to your recreational department. Our new contract management module simplifies your rental process and automates your administrative tasks. With our modern and intuitive interface, creating contracts is a breeze. Facilities, rooms, equipment, and miscellaneous extras may be added before issuing the contract. The appropriate pricing structure will apply automatically; however, administrators may at any time change the rates for different situations. Discounts, promotions and customized fees can also be added to the contract.

Use Existing Contracts or Create New Ones

You can always work from your existing contract templates by uploading them into Amilia. The Microsoft Word format allows your administrators to easily create and edit templates. Our templates allow you to add your logo, your terms, and your information. Amilia uses simple tags in order to insert auto-text in your contracts, no technical expertise is required. Contract can be generated in Word format and in PDF format to obtain the signature. Throughout the process, Amilia manages the different stages of the contract: draft, sent, final.

*There is a 10$ cap on service fees associated with rental contracts.

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