Amilia's reporting module is able to act as a powerful bookkeeping aide, distilling all the important financial information about your organization into a modern, intuitive hub within our cloud-based platform. All reports generated by the software are easily digestible, which means you don't need a finance or accounting degree to understand what's going on with your organization's revenues.

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Accounting Support

Adapting our solution to your accounting approach

Using Amilia's platform for your reporting needs means you get flexible support for your organization, regardless of what approach you're currently taking to accounting. Whether it's accrual, cash or another setup entirely, our simple-but-detailed reports are easy for non-accountants to understand.

We keep track of your finances in real-time, using ledger codes that you can create or modify to suit your needs.


Our powerful automated reconciliation functionality lets you stay on top of all your revenue and cost figures, while our different types of reports – like sales summaries, accounts receivable and payments – give you a well-rounded view of your organization's financial activity as a whole.

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Activity Reports

Analytics that help your organization flourish

Keep track of your organization’s financial statistics as they relate to different classes or activities with Amilia's reporting module. Identify which ones are generating the most revenue by viewing gross and net totals for each, which are constructed automatically based on information you put into the system. Monitoring your accounts payable and receivable has never been easier.

You can also use our reporting interface to gain insight into how your registration periods do in terms of traffic and how many participants signed up for a given class or activity. When it comes to analytics to gather information and strategize for future improvements, Amilia is ready to unlock your organization's full potential.

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Report Exporting

Save important data wherever and whenever you need to

Need to include important information from one of your reports in a presentation or pitch meeting? Amilia saves you valuable time with an easy exporting option, where we package whatever data you need into a downloadable CSV file that is compatible the most widely-used spreadsheet programs in the world.

You can even select a specific time range before exporting one or several documents, whether you want to focus on the last fiscal quarter or the last seven days. Once again, all reports that you generate using Amilia are updated in real-time, so you can rest easy knowing you have only the most recent information is at your fingertips.

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