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All your business data at your fingertips

Amilia is the only system that supports accrual accounting, cash accounting, and everything in between. You can track (in real-time) everything from sales summaries, accounts receivable, payments, sales by administrators, accounts with outstanding balances, and more. Amilia works as an auxiliary journal for your revenues, storing all the detailed account information needed to support the work of your accountant or bookkeeper. This means your accountant and/or bookkeeper will work less on journal entries and can spend more time collecting outstanding payments. 

Automated reconciliation

Amilia uses ledger codes to simplify reconciliation so you know exactly what has been paid for on any given invoice. Say goodbye to tedious hours spent manually reconciling instalments - with Amilia it's automatic.  

Reports for your entire organization

Get a global view of your business with our real time reports. Easily generate and export: Breakdown of Sales, Breakdown of Payments, Details of Promotions and Fees, Sales by Administrators, Sales by Ledger Code, Payment by Ledger Code, Instalment Status, Payment Summary, Sales Summary. All reports and statistics can be exported into a CSV file so you can easily import to your accounting system or manipulate and merge the data to create detailed reports in excel. Reports are uploaded in real time, so you can be sure you have the most recent information in hand.

Easily keep track of your organization statistics

Gross Income, Credits, Net Income, Receivable & Payable. Keep track of program statistics so you can see which ones are the most profitable and which ones should be adjusted. Amilia's reports are easily digestible, meaning people who aren't accounting professionals will be able to see and understand what is going on with finance at a glance.  Find out in a few clicks which clients have outstanding balances and generate a report to view the status of automatic payments. Amilia makes it easy to see who owes you and why.
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