User Portal

Our users are the heart of Amilia's platform. From admins to end users, our software was specifically built with you in mind. The user experience we offer with our unique accounts is more intuitive than ever before, making sharing data with between different organizations you or your family are registered with effortless.

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User Portal

24/7 access for both clients and administrators

Everyone's schedule is busy these days and our user portal gives both end users and managers the flexibility they need. Each client has a unique Amilia user account that they can access at any time to view information such as purchase history, schedule of activities, invoices in one location.


The Amilia user portal isn't just for individuals either. Our family accounts lets the main user add as many family members as they want, with the ability to complete purchases for everyone associated with the account in one transaction. We also have corporate accounts, which allow for billing from third parties that are affiliated with your organization. In both cases, everyone's personal information is updated in real-time and, for corporate accounts, benefits include reduced rates on memberships, activities or facility rentals.

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Unique Account Integration

You are unique, so is your Amilia account

If you, your family or work colleagues are registered in multiple activities or classes that span across several community organizations, remembering all that login information can be stressful. Amilia is putting an end to the chaos with unique accounts, which allow you to move between different activities and organizations with ease.

Your family or corporate account can be linked to every organization you’re registered with – no additional login steps required. What’s more, all information changes that are made through Amilia are synced to the appropriate profile in real-time, which means critical updates or messages concerning activities or classes won't go unnoticed.

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Client Support

Our User Help Center has your back

Our User Help Center is specifically designed and tailored to a client's specific needs. Each user has access to our support resources and can find answers to any questions they have through help articles, video aids, and our dynamic contact support form. Whether their question is a technical one or related to one of your activities, our support center makes sure those queries are seen by the right person and get responded to in a timely fashion.

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