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Business Smart City Federation

Automated Waitlist Management

Waitlist management has never been easier with Amilia’s waitlist feature. Allow your clients to add themselves to a waitlist for classes or sessions that have filled up.

Decide How You Want to Notify Clients on Your Waitlist

Customize your waitlist so that when a spot becomes available, Amilia automatically sends a waitlist email response to everyone on the waitlist so they can register to the activity. Alternately, you can decide to manually choose which members of your waitlist you want to fill open spots. The waitlist displays information like name gender and contact information so you can get a clear picture of who's interested in your program and activity. Since the waitlist feature records when a client added themselves to a waitlist, you can award the available space on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Use Your Waitlist to Plan New Programs

Capitalize on client engagement and use your waitlists to make decisions about adding or modifying programs to your schedule. If you don't foresee any opening in a class with a waitlist, you can choose to enroll clients from that waitlist into other classes or activities with available spots.Your home dashboard displays all your activities with spots available and a waitlist so you can take action and get those spots filled up!

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