Membership Management

Use Amilia to collect all the member information you need, create your own membership cards and track all the expirations and renewals.
Our membership module makes it easy to set-up memberships for your organization

Membership Auto-Renew

With Amilia, your customers can sign-up to automatically renew memberships every registration period. Community association managers can also offer automatic discounts to families registering more than one child or for orders over a specified amount.

Effective CRM Database

Require customers to fill out custom forms during registration and store their information in a searchable database. Easily keep track of transaction histories and create association user reports.

Manage your memberships with flexible payments

Our comprehensive payment and association management tools will optmize your organization's workflow like never before. Offer participants multiple payments options, create customizable forms for new registrants and seamlessly communitcate important updates to a large group of families, all with just a few clicks.
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"We are a society (about 5 to 6 thousand members) of mostly older people without a lot of real computer expertise. We have no employees, every staff person is a volunteer, and the people at Amilia have helped us keep up with our needs."
Hugh Harris
National Railway Historical Society
"Amilia has provided Gymnastics Saskatchewan with a reliable product for tracking our members and collecting payments from our clubs. The import feature is easy for clubs to use to register their members, which saves us a lot of time."
Jamie Benson
Program Manager, Gymnastics Saskatchewan
"Our large sports federation organizes many competitions, athlete seminars, training camps, coaches trainings and officials clinics throughout the year. All these events require a dependable on-line registration platform and Amilia definitely provides us with this service. It is a simple platform to work with and we are very satisfied with this product. As well, they offer excellent customer service!"
Any-Claude Dion
Executive Director, Skate Québec

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