Online Camp Registration

Create custom registration forms for each camp program so you can collect all the relevant information you need from all your campers. Our forms allow you to ask up to 250 questions about anything from medical information to past experience and injuries. Questions can be optional or required so you can ensure you get all the information you need.

Camp Scheduling Software

Our fully flexible scheduling has been designed so you can build your schedule exactly how you want it including scheduling facilities and staff. Easily set enrollment restrictions according to: age, gender, location, skill level, available places, membership, and pre-registration eligibility. Clients can register and pay 24/7 with Amilia's online camp registration software.

Summer Camp Management Software

Keep up-to-date information on your campers with Amilia's comprehensive CRM database. Amilia automatically creates an account for everyone who fills out a camp registration form and camper data can be updated and edited by your clients. Amilia's automated billing saves you from chasing payments and automatic reconciliation will simplify your accounting.

Manage Your Online Camp Store and Registration With Amilia

Amilia can also take your online store to the next level. Provide flexible payment options, centralize your user data and offer participants a stress-free checkout process that will increase the enthusiasm about your brand. The best part? It takes just a few clicks to set up. Our camp registration software's rich set of features can take both big and small organizations to the next level in terms of user engagement and revenue generation.

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"We are very pleased with our choice and we highly recommend Amilia to anyone looking for an online registration system that is both appealing from the customer side and easy to use from the administrative side. What a great combination!"
Kyle Shewfelt
Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics
"The support team was amazing and responded in a very timely manner. Our admin hours were drastically cut (by about 80%) in managing registrations and chasing people for money."
Nicolas Grimard
Director of Fun, Laws of Motion
"Registration online has never be so easy and worry free for our organisation. We started using Amilia in February this year and have increased our sales by 40%. The process for generating lists for our Animators has been very easy. We now use it for our Saturday classes and our preschool program. I strongly recommend this online registration platform!"
Johanne Desjardins

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