Facility Scheduling

Managing your facilities and contracts is easier than ever with Amilia. Create and manage all your facilities and link them with your classes, activities or events - all within the same platform. It's also possible to link rental contracts to specific facilities, reducing administrative work considerably.

Eliminate Facility Scheduling Conflicts

Avoid booking conflicts with Amilia's facility management functionality. A color-coded legend allows you to manage all your facilities in the same scheduling interface, keeping all rental and reservation information centralized. You can also block time-slots for regular maintenance or upcoming holidays. The resulting calendar maps out every facility booking in your system and gives you a snapshot of who is using which space at what time. You can adjust the view to be monthly, weekly or daily.

Maximize the Use of Your Space

With Amilia, you can subdivide your facilities (like pools, courts, fields, gyms, meeting rooms etc), enabling users to book portions of each venue. This maximizes their usage and, as a result, can generate additional revenue for your organization.

You're also able to link your price schedule to a given facility, which makes renting quicker and easier for both administrators and customers. No more guessing when it comes to hourly rates or struggling to find the details you need when a booking is in progress.

Facility Calendar-Dropdown_EN_v2

Simple, Intuitive Rental Automation

Amilia's Facility module automatically links with any rental contracts associated with facilities you are renting out. Each space and activity is automatically linked to the calendar, any activities being hosted, as well as the contracts associated with each rental. All three modules connect with each other to optimize workflows for administrators and bring real-time updates so that booking information is always accurate and up to date.