ActiveXchange - data intelligence platform and partnership to drive participation, commercial and social impact returns

ActiveXchange is a multi-award winning data intelligence service provider, partnering with recreation facilities, sports and governments to leverage existing user and attendance data to empower more informed and connected planning, investment, operational and marketing decisions. This leads to more members, more active, more often. ActiveXchange’s data team enables each partner to better understand their member and community market, use this understanding to grow returns, and then influence and connect with stakeholders. This includes:

  • Bringing together data on over 5 million facility users every week from a range of global data partners;
  • Transforming this unprecedented set of data into relevant and up to date benchmarks (specific local growth opportunities), market insight solutions, and scenario forecasting;
  • Supporting each partner’s team to become more data confident, and with this take positive data driven decisions that grow participation, commercial and social impact returns.

Together Amilia and ActiveXchange aim to empower organizations to better answer their customer’s needs and harness the full potential of their facilities, activities and services through actionable insights that stem from real-time reliable data.

The integration allows
to pull data from facilities and constituents to better understand the users, predict trends in certain areas, which then helps facility managers to better curate the activities for the users and minimize dropouts.

"We’re unlocking the potential of data to bring about positive outcomes and impacts for all the partners we have the privilege to work with. As part of this journey it’s incredibly important to collaborate with progressive partners who embrace the power of data and technology. Therefore we’re delighted to launch this integration and partnership with Amilia and with this continue to shape more active and healthy communities across North America."
Alex Burrows
ActiveXchange Founder

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