Affiliate Partners

Generate additional revenue now with the Amilia Affiliate Program!

By joining the Amilia affiliate program, you will benefit from a percentage of the revenue that will be generated by your referrals. Want to bring our partnership to the next level? Become a certified affiliate to generate a residual income. How? By accumulating a variety of referrals to your portfolio.

Why become an Amilia affiliate partner?

Generate additional revenue

By joining the Amilia Affiliate Program, you will receive up to 25% of revenue generated on the Amilia platform from your referrals for a year.

Become a certified affiliate partner

After achieving certain goals, you will reach the certified affiliate partner status! Here are the many benefits of being certified:

Build your referrals portfolio

Upon attaining certified status, you will receive residual income each month with no time limit. In fact, you will get money as long as your referred client stays with Amilia. Interesting statistic: 99% of our customers stay with us year after year. Interesting, isn't it?

Collaboration with our marketing team

Whether you are an affiliate partner or have achieved certified status, we will help you all along. Our marketing team will provide you with the tools and content to promote our business. Even more interesting for you: by becoming a certified partner, our team will contact you to carry out joint marketing initiatives as well as events!

Do you only want to generate referrals? We won’t bother you and we’ll let you accumulate residual income.

Affiliate marketplace

We believe that partnerships are not one-sided. That's why our certified partners get a dedicated point of contact and a unique landing page with their branding on our website. In addition, they appear on our affiliate marketplace to offer their services to all our customers!

""By joining Amilia's affiliate program, I quickly realized that everyone was benefiting from the partnership. On the one hand, I offer business opportunities to Amilia, on the other I propose an online registration platform adapted to my clients while generating additional income for my company. Everyone wins! ""
Tara Pickford
Pickford Consulting